Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Even though my top pics were the first three I got the last one ~ which I am totally cool with! I mean, it is Kate Moss regardless...I almost totally forgot that there were different covers so it wasn't a huge surprise until I realized later - hey what a minute, weren't there seven other covers? Lol. Anyways. I love it!!! 

I can barely keep my eyes open...it is almost 10:30pm here in Toronto {G.Dot} and I had such a busy day ~ work, gym {where I kicked my own ass, oh yeah!}, dishes, dinner, prepping my lunch and then studying and now I am here, in bed, pooped! 
I will make this brief. 

Thank you to all the new lovely followers ~ you all made my day! And as always, I follow back, so don't you worry! You don't even have to ask! As soon as I see a new follower and they have a blog, it's done! If for whatever random reason it doesn't seem like I am following then just let me know! 
I hope to see more followers in the next little while and thank you for visiting and I hope to see more comments soon as well. :) 
I guess revamping the blog was a good idea after all!
Kate Moss Book.
It is freakin' amazing. I will share pictures with you tomorrow...it is just...DIVINE for lack of a better word. It is hardcover and just incredible. I didn't get the cover that I was hoping for {there are 8 different covers I believe} but it is still pretty bad ass...my own complaint ~ and this is probably the manufacturers...well, obviously...but I had a little crease in the first portion of the book and the last couple of pages aren't stitched in. Anyone else have this problem? Might have me feeling better since I am OCD but honestly, this is one of the most gorgeous coffee table books featuring a supermodel I have ever seen. You know the Testino book? Which is freakin amazing in it's own right...well, multiple that by 5. For serious. 
More on the book tomorrow!! Stay tuned!

Here is an editorial featuring the lovely Ms. Moss. :) 
Kate Moss and Saskia De Brauw by Mert & Marcus for the September 2012 issue of Vogue Paris.


{Source: Mat Cyruss @ TFS}

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