Friday, January 31, 2014


In The Kitchen...

I have never tried fake anything before...well...actually that is probably a total lie. A lot of food that is out there is fake and overly processed. Man made. Like fast food and such...but I mean like, fake chicken, beef or bacon. That sort of Fakin' Bacon. I am not sure why it scares me. I guess you can't compare it to the real thing, but the real thing isn't necessarily healthy if you eat it all the time and the fake stuff...well, apparently it's a lot better for you. 
I have been perusing MindBodyGreen for the past week and have been looking through their recipes - a lot of which are vegan, but are *healthy* and that is what we are going for here. This Fakin' Bacon sandwich that I found actually looks quite tasty and I am intrigued and would like to give it a try. Therefore, I am going to share this recipe and then go to the grocery store and look for this Fakin' Bacon and try this recipe and let you know exactly my 2 cents on what this whole rage is about! 

Bon Appetit!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Man oh man…I have had a rough last couple of days…I mean…the last two days have been particularly brutal, anxiety-wise. I have to make some big changes in my life and change is scary! Who likes change? Especially when you are so into your habits. That’s what they say, don’t they? We are creatures of habit.

Anyways…to begin, really, I have been doing fairly well on my lifestyle-change. Drinking my smoothies every morning and my smoothies consist of spinach, green apple, pear and pineapple. I also add some chia seeds to it with Jarosil and then filtered Brita water. OH! I didn’t explain…I got a Nutribullet so I have been obsessed with that thing! Other than my slow cooker and panini press, the Nutribullet is my new favorite kitchen appliance. 

Monday, January 27, 2014


Why do we start things on Monday's? 
Is it because it's the beginning of a new week or is it just our excuse to throw all caution to the wind on Saturday and Sunday? 
To be quite honest, I was going to start something today but found myself in the kitchen at 4am gnawing on cold fried chicken. WHO does that?? 
I have had the most strangest cravings lately...
Not only that but I have just been feeling awful all around. I have crazy mood swings, anxiety, I guess you could say that at times I do feel a bit depressed. I have the most awful digestive issues that I have never experienced before, headaches, I have difficulty concentrating, fatigue, irritability. You name it. And for what seems like my umpteenth doctor's visit, no one can figure out what's wrong with me. My blood work is coming back normal...but other then that I'm pretty damn healthy. 
So it shouldn't come as a surprise to me that amidst my studies of preventive medicine that a light bulb went off. 
I feel like shit because I eat like shit. 

Saturday, January 04, 2014


Some things I did on my lazy day…read read read…it's all about ME!! :D 

I can't believe how quickly this Christmas break has come and gone. I didn't think that it would go by this fast. Half the things I wanted to do I didn't get done! Things like go through my drivers ed book, get a lot of studying done, go to IKEA {to get an office chair}, put pictures up…I guess there is still time to do all that…but there was so much going on over the break. Lots of get togethers, not to mention that half of us were sick too…including the puplets ~ meaning Lou'e. So that was a bit stressful. 

Friday, January 03, 2014


Loving Candice Kumai!

I am feeling a little more inspired lately. I think this Christmas break was good for me and it was nice to laze about and just BE. With the puplets and with Travis…and to read and listen to motivating music, take enlivening pictures and surround myself with refreshing people. I am sad to see Christmas come and go so quickly but am really looking forward to 2014. 
2013 definitely had its trials and tribulations ~ as well as it's blessings in disguise but it's made me a stronger person for it and I've learned many things about myself and about other people. 
One thing I definitely want to do for *myself* {because this year is going to be about ME} is try new healthy foods. 
I am going to try many recipes from all of my cookbooks and I am not going to shy away from them!! No matter if I screw it up or not! One recipe for sure I am going to try is a quinoa chili recipe that I saw on Shape Magazines website that Candice Kumai shared but that's not the recipe that I wanted to post. The recipe that I am going to post is from her cookbook "Cook Yourself Sexy" that can be found on Amazon here
It can be found on page 130 if you already have it. So let's get cooking! I am definitely trying this recipe out and will share pics when I do! :) 

Bon Appetit!

Thursday, January 02, 2014


We'll, I am a little disappointed. I had entire blogpost written out on this iPad and it disappeared. >:( 
How very frustrating that is. Especially since it was a bookworm post and that takes time! 
So I guess I have to start all over again. Ho hum. 
I trust that everyone had a safe and fun night last night ringing in the New Year! I had a quiet night ringing 2014 in with my little family. I made an oven-baked chicken and we watched Roasts on Comedy Central. I must admit I fell asleep just after 10:30pm! Thankfully Travis woke me up quarter to 12am so we could ring in the New Year with some sparkling wine, a smooch and the puplets. :) 
I just want to say that if you have never baked a chicken in a cast-iron skillet ~ do it!! You will not regret it!! Thanks again to Kev for that skillet. It's amazing. If you don't have one in your kitchen then get one! Some of the best chicken I have made and tasted. 
Today, since everything is closed, we are laying low and watching the Winter Classic. 
My Christmas vacation is coming to a close and I can't believe how fast it's come and almost gone. Throughout the break I have been voraciously reading. A reading machine! Anything I can get my hands on really. And of course there are so many sales on because of Boxing Day and New Years. 
Oh before going on, Candice Kumai is going to be coming out with a new book in Spiring 2014! I am so excited since I loooove her. I have been reading tunz of her blog too. :) 
Books really are my weakness. They fill me with a joy like no other and I seriously will have my own little library when I have my own house. :)  
Let's get on with it shall we? And maybe you can find a gem within my list. 

City of Fallen Angels ~ $8.98 
City of Lost Souls ~ $19.99
both by Cassandra Clare 
Both of which are the last two instalments in the five book series that I am obsessed with. I just finished book three and *SPOILER ALERT* I knew the two main characters weren't brother and sister!! Hahah! I am so smart! Anyways. I just want to keep reading! When I get into a series I really get into them! Cassandra Clare is a great writer too and really can suck you into her books. 
Why the price difference? We'll, the first is a mass paperback and Lost Souls probably hasn't been released in mass paperback yet and is the last book in the instalment too. I guess I could wait for the paperback. I just hope the last book doesn't disappoint!