Saturday, January 04, 2014


Some things I did on my lazy day…read read read…it's all about ME!! :D 

I can't believe how quickly this Christmas break has come and gone. I didn't think that it would go by this fast. Half the things I wanted to do I didn't get done! Things like go through my drivers ed book, get a lot of studying done, go to IKEA {to get an office chair}, put pictures up…I guess there is still time to do all that…but there was so much going on over the break. Lots of get togethers, not to mention that half of us were sick too…including the puplets ~ meaning Lou'e. So that was a bit stressful. 

I guess in a way it would be nice to get back into a routine, but then again, who wouldn't like to win the lottery and retire early! Lol. ;)
The Winter's here have been bitter and cold…we definitely had a white Christmas though, not to mention quite the ice storm a couple of weeks ago. We are to have a snow storm on Sunday - so you never know, our Christmas break may be extended. Lol. 

I have a new YouTube obsession…usually it's along the lines of Sophie Dahl's videos, Candice Kumai's…Zuzka Light's…but this is so out of the norm and a little corny…it's a YouTube account called kuchnia u anny and I just can't get enough, it's a young Polish guy and an older Italian lady that speaks Polish mixed with Italian (she has an accent when she speaks Polish) and they make a lot of Italian food…I just can't get enough of their video's. I have been watching non-stop. Lol. Definitely want to try some of their recipes. That's what I did on my one and only uber lazy day which was yesterday. 
That and reading The Help which so far is a really good read…I can't wait to see the movie too, since I haven't yet. But I always like reading the books first. 

This was my New Year's Eve…cooking up a storm with Candice Kumai! <3 font="" nbsp="">

So Travis and I have been talking about some of our goals for this year…we might move from this apartment, it's something we are only talking about. I mean, as much as I LOVE it, it is a little pricey. Not to mention he wants a garage and he loves doing yardwork and he sorta misses that and he thinks it would be nice if that puplets have a yard again too. So we *might* look into a townhouse…because when you think of it, we might get something bigger for the same amount of money…if not possibly less. It's just something we were chatting about. 
I think another goal for the future is maybe moving out of Ontario all together. That's something I am thinking about but haven't brought up yet {lol}. You never know! Never say never!! 

I brought up the recipe to him that I posted the other day of the mushroom and leek flatbread and to my utter horror he doesn't seem interested at all! I think I need to do a bit of convincing on my behalf! 
There was another recipe though that he did some interested in…a bolognese ragu. BUT not with your standard beef chuck. Instead I will be using pork and pancetta…maaaaaybe turkey…but I might just stay and go ahead with using pork for the recipe entirely. Also making extra to freeze up so I can do a pasta al forno in the future as well. 
I also want him to be more hands on in the kitchen with him. I think it would be fun for the both of us. 
Anyways…this was a total random rambling post…and I will be sharing a bolognese ragu recipe with you!! :) 



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