Thursday, November 22, 2012


My little baby.

This is on the car ride home. Me and my little Lou'. Every time I see him my heart picks up the pace a little. He is my angel! :)

A little compliation my Mom made. Look at those precious eyes! He is soooo cute! His ears are supposed to perk up but I honestly don't mind if they stay floppy like that. He is ADORBZ!!!

First day of Lou'e being home alone...when Travis and I got home he went ballistic for a good solid 2 hours...this is him after. Totally pooped and sprawled out on Trav. And that's his little orange sweater his Grandma made! :D

I haven't forgotten about my little angel Skiusz. I miss him every single day. He was my best friend. And he was attached to me, much like doggies are attached to their owners. Cats are pretty independent but Sky was always there with me. I love his little pillowy feets. :)

This was my favorite sleeping position that Sky always did. He was so cute. Would stretch and then push his little paws to his face. 

A little Christmas Chichi to brighten your day!! All his little toys that he played with. Well to be honest, I bombarded him with them one night when I got home. He did play with them from time to time though. :)
I love you ChiChi.



  1. Hi dear :) I love your blog! Would you like to follow each other?

  2. Thanks LoveIsBeauty. :)

    And of course I would madame-chocolate.

    Surprised no one commented on how cute Lou'e and Sky are. Lol.


  3. What a cute Lou´e and sky! beautiful pets :-)

    If you have a time just check my blog and we can follow each other on GFC, FB!
    much love 

  4. We def know what you are thankful for this year! Obsessed with your puppy!

  5. OMG so adorable!!! Lou'e and Sky are amazing!
    I'm also surprised by the comments,O_O seems that people care more about following each other, i mean how can you not see how cute they are!!

    Have a nice day!!

  6. omg how cute seirously! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Let's follow each other on Bloglovin as well?


  7. Hi Dear!!!!
    I'm Your new follower now :)
    Would You like to visit my blog and follow me too?:)


  8. Thanks everyone for the comments and yes Kristen, I am definitely thankful for this little guy. :)
    I am following all you lovely people, of course. :)


  9. Aww so lovely :D I never had any dog , but had cat , she died 1 year ago :'(


  10. Awwee, sorry to hear Aree. I hear ya though, my little Sky passed this past February. I miss him every day. xo


  11. My pleasure! Lou'e and Sky are really cute!^^
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment!
    It's a combination between orange and red, but it's more orange than red ^^ i hope that this make sense,i think it's the same color that Lou'e is me it looks the same from what i see in the picture. ^^
    I'm not really sure how much exactly, but it was expensive, i have to do the math anyway the thing i've got from zara were about 75-80 $, all the jwelery about 40 $...
    I'm so sorry to hear about Sky...

  12. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  13. Little dogs in sweaters are so adorable! I love dressing my dog up in red sweaters too, especially around the holidays! What a cutie!