Saturday, November 03, 2012


I fell in love with Kate Bosworth when Blue Crush came out {anyone remember that movie?}. She is stupid pretty with perfect wheat-blonde hair, amazing bone structure, petite frame and a ridiculously infectious smile. Seriously, when you see her smile you can't help but smile too! 
And she has two different colour eyes. Like yours truly. ;)

Here we have the crazy-amazeballs style queen, Kate Bosworth. 


{Source: Zimbio}


  1. She's lovely :) Her hairs amazing.

    I love her in Life Happens paired with the amazing Krysten Ritter & Rachel Bilson and a extra small appearance from Lauren Conrad it's just too good!

    Thanks for your comment - you have a great blog


  2. Thanks very much for the comment! I have yet to see that movie, so will be sure to check that out now. :) And she definitely does have a fantastic head of hair, the colour is fabulous.