Tuesday, October 09, 2012


The past six months I have been trying to do a lot more things - and step out of my comfort zone. For example, I'm not a camper but went camping twice this past Summer. I hate highway driving but Trav and I have been taking the 401 every chance we get.
I am just trying to experience a lot more. Try new foods. Meet new people. Live a healthier lifestyle in general. Travel more. Canoeing! That was scary at first! Lol. Things like that.
I am thinking of maybe renting a cottage for the weekend in this cold weather since it isn't peak season so it might just be a little bit cheaper then if you were to go during the Summer. And there are always bonfires too! But I need to be a bit more penny pinching if that is what I plan on doing. Mind you, if I get enough people going then it shouldn't be that bad. But I really did enjoy myself during the Summer doing new things.
Anyways - the weekend went by so fast and it's back to work already. I did enjoy myself a lot though. Saturday was a rather quiet day but it was great - when to a party at my bosses house {note to self: don't drink so much red wine - red wine hangovers are NOT fun and last FOREVER}. Sunday was Thanksgiving dinner at Travis' Mom's house. Some great people and great food. It was an overall pretty good day - although, as per the previous sentence - hangover...so I had to cut it short. I was NOT feeling well so needed to have a lay down for a bit. Monday - holiday - it was nice...woke up and knew that I HAD to go to the gym so I went there and did a leg day...then afterwards Trav and I had a movie marathon. Watched Up In The Air, The Dictator, Stepbrothers & Hunger Games.
Tonight more gym - back-day - and then maybe some more movies or something. I am rather tired...so plan on being uber lazy...
But yea, that was my weekend! I decided I'd share that with ya! Lol.
I hope that I can register for school today - fingers crossed - it all is pending on an arrival of a new Visa card. Would be amazing if I could get this all started.
Tina Luther Captures a Military Outing for Grazia Germany.


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