Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I always allow a million years to go by between posts...but honestly at this point it's allowed. 
Lots of new changes afoot, I think I may have mentioned before that I want to get my personal training certification and as much as I wanted to do that before the end of the year it's most likely going to be in the beginning of the New Year since right now I'm training for a bodybuilding competition...yes, that's right!! I am finally going after what I've always wanted to try. I hummed and haahed over it for the longest time but I finally decided to jump in with both feet. So here I am, on week 4 and seriously craving chocolate right now. Lol. 

But...with that being said, it's going to be quite a process...especially since I don't have all the time in the world to spend at the gym (although I do go a minimum of 5x a week) - my diet and nutrition is quite strict - the first week was so BRUTAL. So so painfully brutal (LOL!!) but I am beginning to get the hang of it and am excited to increase calories and the intensity of my workouts. Of course there are days where I really couldn't be bothered, with anything!! But I push myself to doing it. Especially since I have a coach now that is holding me accountable. 
I will be giving updates on how it's going. So far I'm on week 4 and it's becoming second nature. Dinner time is always the most difficult and same with weekends because I always indulged in something a little sweet but can't do that now! But that's OK. I'm going to reach my goals and that's all that matters. I will definitely push through. 

Today is Wednesday and it's my rest day so I don't have to work out today - which is usually unheard of for me since I trained 6-7x a week before I started this and now my coach suggests two rest days which I am totally OK with but during the week it's sometimes hard to wrap my head around. 

Wednesdays I usually get home and crash on the couch and do nothing but I have to be a little more productive even though that's my one night of the week where I don't necessarily have to do anything but I do want to blog more and I also have a million Christmas cards I need to get written up and sent out! 

It's still November but tomorrow is the first day of December!! I am very excited to get super festive...maybe not a whole lot this year regarding baking and such but for sure with Christmas movies/shows, music, decorations and just spending quality time with friends and especially family. 

What do you guys have planned for this Christmas? 


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