Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Happy {BELATED} Halloween!!!

Wow...I can't believe that it's already the first of November! Where has this year gone? SO SO much as happened so far...but nothing we can't touch base on near the end of the year...which is only two months away! So crazy...
I really wanted to get into Fall this year, but just like that *poof* - it has come, and almost gone. Although the Fall foliage is still in full bloom and looking as pretty as ever, it's only a matter of time before all these leaves simultaneously drop to the ground and will soon be covered by that "white stuff". LOL. 
To be quite honest with you, I am very much looking forward to Winter this year...not necessarily the sub-zero temperatures as much as the peacefulness of the snow fall. I am really looking forward to that. I'm not sure why all of a sudden I've got this warmth towards the wintry season. 
Maybe it's because of Christmas? I always say I'm going to do Christmas up big every year and hardly ever do. I know for sure that after today...maybe this coming weekend, or next I will be for sure decorating for Christmas! This year I would love to get a REAL tree as well - so that the entire house smells like convivial frosted pine and cinnamon. GAH, I just love that smell. 

With that being said...a lot of people don't work towards any goals during this time because there is so much to do, all these people to see and plans to make for the holiday season, I think we all need to just relax and take it as it is. At least that's what I plan on doing. 
Instead of waiting for the New Year and all it's resolutions I've decided to start now! 
I really want to get my personal training certification this winter...I want to build more muscle and lose the stubborn belly fat {this is a big goal of mine}, I also would like to participate in more Winter sports! As well as learn more about bodybuilding and anatomy and physiology. Lots to do and plan. 
Oh and more clean-eating baking too! 
Needless to say that the last little while I definitely have not been eating clean at all. But it is what it is, what's the point in beating myself up about it?
So, you just gotta pick yourself back up and try, try again! 
So - with that being said...are you guys waiting until the New Year to start on your resolutions and goals? Or are you the kind of person that doesn't care what time of year it is?