Friday, December 14, 2012


So today is the last day of exams for students and it is going to get quiet here next week. Real quiet. When I worked at the old print shop the last week before holiday's were brutal. Meaning just dead quiet, because a lot of people take an extra week off before the holidays to do their shopping, get ready for their families, etc. 
Which won't be too bad at the same time because I will be able to bring Lou'e in and it'll be quiet for him. I pick up Travis' Christmas gift and I hope that he really likes it. 
I also have to begin all my other Christmas shopping! This weekend is going to be a busy one and I wish it wasn't. I wish it were quiet and lazy! But that ain't gonna happen. Lol. 
Maybe next weekend? Highly unlikely. 
I am just ready for 5pm already! I have a bit of cleaning to do and then some studying as well...I want to finish my first subject and move on to the next. Lots of work!
Anyways. I am going to quit rambling...because I was on a role, stopped for a minute, got pissed off at something...and now I have totally lost my train of thought. 
Hope everyone has a lovely Friday!!!

I think this next issue is out. I MUST get it. Kate Bosworth looks GORGEOUS on the cover. Ugh. 
Harper's Bazaar Australia, January 2013 issue.


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