Monday, January 10, 2011


Haven't posted for a few days...once again, been crazy busy. I organized a surprise party for my boyfriend on Saturday night. He turns 25 tomorrow. He is getting old! Lol. :)
So tomorrow we are going to spend his birthday together and I will make him a delicious dinner and we will relax and watch a Leaf game.
Tonight we are taking it easy as well since over the weekend we have been renovating our place. Tidying up here and there and we are now onto the bathroom where my bf is doing an amazing job painting and putting tiles up. I am very excited for the final outcome. The paint that was chosen is amazing. Very soothing and I love it tunz.
But there are still some more things we have to do here and there and then we may take a break before tackling the living room.
Anyways, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend ~ I am sure it went by waaaay too fast. And we are into another week of working away or studying.
Or maybe a few of you lucky ones are on vacation.
I got my iPhone 4 on Friday - love love looooove it. Now I just have to look around for a case. I have a fabric type one on my phone currently but I am looking for a Hello Kitty one {but of course} so I gotta search for one. Maybe Amazon will have one, and gotta try the Apple store {although theirs are a bit pricey}. But the 4 is great. The resolution is awesome as well.
My old one, I will fix and sell. I will miss it, of course.
Other then that, it's going to be a pretty low key week and then a semi low key weekend.
I am still waiting for a Sunday where I don't move from bed all day...I have been doing that in the mornings, but I want it to go well into the afternoons without having to get out of my jammies. Which btw, I got a Hello Kitty pair from my parents for Christmas that are uber cute and super soft. I adore them.
So since it is a Monday - and everyone is a little cranky on Monday's. I will share some cupcake pictures to cheer you up! :D
These were found through the Google Image search engine. If someone owns one of these photo's and wants me to take them down or credit them then please let me know.
Enjoy! And don't let your mouths water too much. ;)





  1. ugh, those cupcakes look good! I remember when Addison turned 25... LOL we watched fireworks!

  2. They are pretty incredible looking aren't they?
    Aww. Fireworks? That's so cute.
    I don't think there will be any fireworks here (it's -20C! Lol!).
    Thanks for commenting! :)