Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This is a gorgeous editorial featuring the lovely Michelle McCallum for Grazia Italia; here she is photographed by Zoltan Tombor.
I am not gunna lie, I love country and I love country music. I never did until I met my current bf. He listened to it quite a bit {although he is hardly a country bumpkin} and I used to make fun of him frequently on our first few dates.
But when you're falling in love and you live away from one another and it's all so new and raw you hold onto anything that could quite possibly remind you of the person that you daydream of. So here is when my love for country music began.
When he would drop me off at home and go to his own I would put on the country music station and think of him and wait for his text messages or phone call. The first song that I heard when I turned on that radio was Tim McGraw's "My Best Friend".
That will always remind me of my bf. But "our" song is by Dierk's Bentley ~ "Long Trip Alone". This song epitomizes our feelings for eachother and when we hear it, we immediately think of all our years together.
Now when I listen to it, it still reminds me of him & our time together the past few years {over 3 years to be exact}.
I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, I love everything from rock to rap, pop to lounge, classic to country.
But when it comes to country, I love em all. Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, Brad Paisley, Dierk's Bently, Rascal Flats, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum and the list could go on.
This editorial reminds me of the quintessential country girl.
And the clothes aren't half bad. ;)


(Source: Fashion Gone Rogue)


  1. I love everything in this editorial, the setting, the clothes, the styling.
    I think I like this country style but it's difficult to be dressed like this in the city.

  2. I definitely agree! It would definitely be a little bit difficult to wear these clothes anywhere but the country, but everything is still so gorgeous! :)


  3. wow what a beautiful editorial !!

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  5. i followed you dear:) will you follow me back:)??x


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