Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I don't feel inspired. Haven't been this week at all for whatever reason, which is super unfortunate. Because usually I can't shut up about things that I love and recipes that I adore and the like. I guess I am just stuck in a rut and just need to let it run it's course for a bit. I guess everyone goes through it at some point.
Or maybe I am just in a severe pissy mood today, which I am. And I'm not gunna lie! Lol.
I am still depressed {not literally over this though} about my USB with all my lovely photo's! I guess I need to get over that too. I have been starting over, so that is...well, a start.
I have been reading a lot lately as well. Some super great books that my sister got both my Mom and I that I think I may have mentioned in a previous post.
Was supposed to go out for wings tonight, but unfortunately that plan fell through. Maybe some other time. Oh wells...
I don't even have food in my place! Lol. No groceries were done today at all & not alot yesterday either...
Anyways...I will bombard you all with editorials. And hopefully it spreads a little love dust your way and get you more inspired then I. Lol.

This next editorial is by my freakin' favorite Baldovino - if you go back a few older posts you will find some Baldovino there as well. He is incredibly vehement and his photography is unworldly a beauty that covers the repugnant. I can't help but feel an ominous foreboding to this editorial. 
It features Ana Beatriz Barros - definitely looking every bit as incongruous in this editorial. The gaze is piercing, the colours are synthetic and yet...the love for this incredibly photoshopped edit is incomparable. It's because we want to beleive that perfection such as this is plausible and achievable. And even though Barros doesn't look like this in real life, well, who cares about real life. We like to dream, don't we?


(Source: Unknown - obviously Baldovino but not from his current site)


  1. wow. looks amazing..... and don't feel bad, I haven't been inspired by anything lately... so sad since I know I'm very creative at heart!

  2. I love how the first picture looks so serious, but then you see the gorgeous purple earrings just pop!

  3. great pictures!


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  5. wow Fantastic the pics!

  6. The pics are beautiful!
    I follow you!

  7. thanks for the comment on my blog lovely :) of course i am following you now!! follow me back?

  8. Heyyy girly! LOVE your blog too!!!
    Thank You! xoxo

    I Love these dresses & WANT so bad!!!

    sweet lingerie.

    I've been having many bad days lately, so it happens, then POW! You'll come in with a bang with some serious Fabulous inspiration for everyone right?

    Best Wishes!
    Joelle xoxo

  9. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, it made my day!
    My hair is a big mess! I do nothing to it and it's half tangled most of the time haha
    I love your blog! <3
    Of course I'll follow you!
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  10. Thanks everyone for the comments. Makes my day when I know you guys are checking in. ;)

    Cindy - I definitely hear ya. I am super creative at heart as well. It's very depressing when you just seem to draw a blank all the time! Hope we get out of this rut soon!

    Joelle - Thanks very much for your kind comment. :) I will definitely push ahead to come up with inspiring things for everyone.

    NerdGlasses - Of course I will follow you back! And your hair is amazing! Lol. I love it!

    Everyone who is following ~ I am definitely following back. :)