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This may be a little silly for this blog; I don't think so, you can blog about anything you want. I was on the Martha Stewart Living website {and yes, this website is amazing...I love it} and I stumbled across the pet section {yes there is one!} and I have been lovey dovey pet crazy, especially since I have my kitty here for a Christmas kitty vacation.
I have had him for 12 years now, my sister watching him for the past 2 years because where I live, I can't have him. But he has been the best!


Sky was my family's first pet and we got him when he was super little. He's a total angel {although he can be a bit nasty but we love our animals' little nasty streaks as well}.
He is a Turkish Angora and we got him from our local Humane Society...he could literally fit in the palm of your hand he was so tiny.

Sky as a Babe

He is the love of my life. :) Other then my boyfriend. ;) Who thinks sometimes he comes as "second fiddle". Haha. My cat can do no wrong and I am a big suck when it comes to him. I will give him whatever he wants {although he likes drinking from the bathtub faucet and my family is trying to get him to stop doing that}.
He is precious.

I also had a few other animals.
A few years ago we had to give away our first doggy that we got.
We got her from our cities University - she was used for mostly tests and her previous owner abused her. She hardly barked and she was afraid of men with facial hair.
She was super skinny when we first got her, and then we plumped her up. She was super happy when she lived with us. And we gave her tuns of love.
She was a mix between a Lab and a German Shephard - you can totally notice this with her ears, one was always ALWAYS perked up like a Shephard and the other was floppy. Haha. A trait that everyone noticed and that was beyond adorable.
We picked her up when she was around 4-years-old, so she wasn't a pup. It took her some getting used to us, and us changing her name from Honey to Maja as well. But she was such a good and nice pup regardless.
Unfortunately, we all got a bit too busy...everyone was either at work, school or out and about and the poor pup didn't get enough walks or attention that she really needed.
So we sadly, had to give her away. We all cried...but she went to an amazing newlywed couple {who still have her!} and they had babies who love her tuns. So I am glad she is happy as ever with another family. :)

Maja {Papaya - nickname} in her new home a few years ago ~ a total sweetheart.

When my boyfriend and I moved out to our own place he wanted his own kitty. We decided to go out and look for a little one on a Sunday - where everything is pretty much closed {humane society or veterinary-wise}. We finally found a kitty on a local website...we picked him up that day. He was teeny tiny. He was taken away from his Mom rather young since he was really attached to Sky when we put them together.
We really {not gunna lie} pretty much purchased him from a "crack house", okay, I am exaggerating...but this person looked super sketchy.
And the reason why we are convinced of this, is because was a little kookoobanana's - he liked to attack things, break glasses, go after bees {for chrissakes} attack Sky {where you don't really want to mess with a senior, haha.} and just go crazy for no reason...he would literally bounce off the walls but he was super fun to have and he was beyond beyond BEYOND lovey dovey with anyone that walked through our door.
So, we got a little baby Calvin, which we had for about a year before giving him away to one of my sisters friends. Where I am sure he is super happy and super fat.
And hopefully isn't consuming too much catnip or that would be interesting. Lol! ;)

Little Calvin with Sky.
Then, here has come the newest and permanent addition in our family.
I got this little guy for my Mom...when my parents moved to California my Mom was sad that she was going to leave her two baby daughters in Canada.
I always remember her saying how one day she would love to have a Yorkie, but I knew {as well as the next person} that she would never go out and buy/adopt one.
So, one day...just randomly, I decided to peruse the internet {hardcore} and find a Yorkshire Terrier. My oh my, they are super pricey. Especially the girls and if they are purebred.
I finally found one that was at a bit of a cheaper price. He is a mix, a "Schnorkie", Yorkie mixed with a Schnauzer.
But seriously, he is smaller then usual little Yorkie's.
His name is Oskar and he is my Mom's little prince(ss! Haha!).
He is totally spoiled and he is soooo adorable. :)

Little Oss-Man

One of my Mom's friends recently lost her little pure-bred Yorkie babe to a Pitbull on a walk one day. It was seriously devestating news and my heart goes out to her and her little one. She still has her lost pup's sister so that helps a bit, but I can't imagine the loss of an animal in general, and then to lose one in such a manner.
I am sure her puppy is in little puppy heaven and went super fast with no pain.
Remember to have your dogs on leashes at all times...and sometimes it is recommended to carry pepper spray on you when walking your dog, just in case of an attack on your dog, or even on you. I am still trying to convince my Mom. Lol.
It may seem a little extreme, but better safe then sorry.
So take care of your little ones, they are the sweetest and are always there for you. :)
Ever notice how they are the first ones there when you are a little sad or need a friend?

I decided to write this little blurb on animals. Just because...
Let me know if you guys have any special furry best friends. :)

Ossy and my Mom's neighbor's German Shephard doggy; Reina.

(PS. If you can, try and donate as much moolah as you can to your local animal shelter. I am not sure how it is in the US, but in Canada alot of our animal shelters are not government funded and rely on community donations and their own money. You can even donate old blankets/towels, some food and snacks, anything. Make sure that even though your communities local animals are abandoned and alone that they are fed well and taken care of beyond anything.)

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