Friday, January 21, 2011


Sam Edelman.

Ugh. I looooove his shoes.
And it's near impossible for me to get them around where I live except to order them online and pay even more then what the price tag for them actually is.
Although, I think I will save up my pennies for at least one pair since they are to die for and are a great way of showcasing your style and fashion sense.
Sam Edelman, who is the founder, has 30 years of experience as seen in all of his collections - most popular being his boots. He does offer a wide array of different styles for any woman, flats, wedges, heels, edgy, chic, relaxed.
And, alot of his shoes offer an even wider array of embellishments and unique detailing.
I love them so!
Do any of you guys have anything by Sam Edelman?I am curious if the Zoe boot is comfortable to walk in? I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to super high heels & need something relatively easy to walk in. Although I would probably buy them just to look at. Haha.
Share your input! :)




(Source: Images from GoogleImages)


  1. love the shoes

    im following u i would love u 2 visit/ follow

  2. I love the two pars of bots!

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  4. I love Sam Edelman shoes and especially the first pair of studded heels and a pair of boots that you didnt post though. the shoes look really comfy, but I didnt own a pair myself so far,

    X, Annie


  5. I have so many pairs by Sam Edelman and also own "Zoe". They're actually a lot more comfortable that they look. I own about 500 pairs and the Zoe is definitely in my top 10 list!

  6. Ugh! Very jealous. I really need a pair by him.
    I am glad I don't fall on my face walking in them! Haha.


  7. The first pic you have is actually the Balenciaga harness boot... The Zoe's harness is quilted.

    I own the Zoe, and it's somewhat easy to walk in, but not for a long period... I wore it to go shopping at the mall a couple of weeks ago, and my feet were hurting after all that walking. I absolutely LOVE them though!

  8. Loove studding, I want all of them...x