Monday, July 28, 2014


{Wrote this post on Friday - thus the Friday/weekend talk!}

Happy Friday my friends! 
What a week it has been. Lot's has been going on that I am feeling 1) scatterbrained and 2) overwhelmed! I am so very tired and can pretty much fall asleep anywhere at this point. I have been getting OK sleep...but I just need a weekend where I am just super lazy! Speaking of weekends, lots planned for the next little while! August is going to be a busy month, outside and inside of work for sure but there is a fitness expo coming up in my city that I am excited about among other things. 
The gym is going fabulously, I am enjoying that a lot. I did a health assessment there and I am not in the best shape (obviously) and was told I would benefit from a personal trainer. Of course I would. Hmphf. 
I *almost* got suckered in, but not before asking the opinion of many others and coming to the conclusion that at this point I am just going to 'train myself'. Eventually if I want to really work out to my max potential I may consider a trainer. 
So now I gotta avoid this fitness consultant guy at the! 

Not so's open on both sides! 
 I just wanted to share something with you guys today, that might help others, you never know! 
Last night I had to go for my first ever MRI. GAHH!!
A few months ago I got the appointment booked at a hospital and didn't think too much of it...I didn't want to overthink it because I already have pretty bad anxiety and this would just exasperate it, but of course, the night before I began reading horror stories online that just didn't help at all - duh!! 

Note to everyone...don't do that!! Half the time people just exaggerate stories to get a rise out of people - which they accomplished with me! all day I fretted about this damn appointment...I called first thing in the morning to see if there were any cancellations so that I could get in earlier, but no dice. 
So I waited and Travis went with me to the hospital at 6:30...I actually ended up going in earlier so that is a bonus. I know that this doesn't always happen, but you can always try going in earlier to get out earlier. 
So they made me change into hospital slacks an a gown and take all my jewelry pretty much half to take EVERYTHING off your body except your underwear - meaning the underwear on your bum. Bra's come off too. Also don't forget bobby pins and such. 

They then took me into this room where they asked me questions...if I have any tattoos, or every grinded or welded metal...if I ever got shot know, normal questions. 
They made me sign that little piece of paper and I just sat around for a few more minutes before it was my time to go in. I was a little panicked...not too bad, I also ended up taking my meds with me (for panic attacks) *just in case* - which they allowed me to do. 
There was a kid in there before me that came out of the actual MRI room....I mean, if he could do it, I could do it, right?? 
So I followed the lovely ladies that were doing the scans and whatnot and saw that 'dreaded' machine. From a distance it pretty much almost reminds me of a tanning bed. Except no lights...and like a friend said, actually dangerous. 
Unfortunately for me, that night, their iPod decided to die, so no music!! :( I was really hoping to kick back to some country...
So I laid down on that little narrow bed, they put a little pillow thing under my knees, headphones and clipped in this cagey looking thing over my a football helmet looking thing almost except not enclosed. 
The plus size of MRI machines, or this one anyways, is that it was open on both ends. I am not sure what I would have done if it was closed on the other side, but you could see through the thing. 
They then told me that it was time to get started and left the room where the door slammed shut and it scared the bejesus out of me. 
I then got wheeled into that small tube with my eyes tightly closed. 
They had offered to put a towel over my eyes but I wanted some semblance of control in there!! So I said, no thank you. 
OH! Before I go on, they do give you this little squishy ball thing that is connected! Where if you're in that tube and you begin to panic, you press it and they take you right that is a bonus 

Anyways! I laid there {remember no music!} and I listened to all the annoying noises that the machine made...there were some that startled me and it would have been nice to have had a heads up - and especially when the damn thing begins to vibrate, but it was nice that the girls talked to me over the headphones and were asking me how I was doing. The only thing I really didn't like throughout the entire thing was when it got super quiet...and I couldn't hear them! That's what shook me up I think...because those thoughts began creeping in {you anxiety sufferers know what I'm talking about!}.
Overall, it wasn't bad...and it went by pretty fast! I wish cardio time at the gym went by that fast......LOL. 

Not my brain, but pretty cool when you actually see your own scans! I will have to ask to see mine. :))

So honestly, there really is nothing to worry about when doing an can be a bit nervewracking if you've never done one before, but it's pretty easy-peasy. You can always talk to your doctor as well to see if he can give you a little 'sumpin-sumpin' to calm those nerves down before you go in for your test. 
Now we wait for the results! 


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