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I am still tweaking the page! But I think I am pretty content with the way that it looks. Minus a few blips here and there. So please be patient with me! I am working on fixing this all up. 
I can't believe that Fall is ALMOST here! But it is pretty much my favorite season so I am totally fine with that. ;) Well, other then the fact that I am supposed to be done school shortly as well which is FREAKING ME OUT!!!
I have one more module left and 11 case studies left to do - the case studies are what's killing me - but I will persevere and do well! 
I receive many questions about school. What I take, where I take it, what I can do with it in the future, what I study, etc etc. 
I figure I may as well just do a little blurb answering all these questions. :) 
And who knows, it might help someone else make the decision...take the go into holistic nutrition or preventive medicine themselves. We'll start off with the basics and go from there.

If you have any questions yourselves make sure to leave it in the comments below! :) 

1. What exactly is a Holistic Nutritionist? 
A Registered Holistic Nutritionist's goal is to educate individuals and groups of people about the benefits and health impact of optimal nutrition.
RHN's focus on the whole person - every aspect of their lives! Not only the nutritional and physical but emotional and spiritual as well as environmental components which in turn can potentially affect healing and wellbeing in positive ways. 
Everyone is different too, there is no one size fits all when it comes to diets and fitness programs - everyone is different and in turn that means they all have their own individual  needs which we need to take into account. 
Holistic Nutritionists focus on the WHOLE being of a person and guide them onto a path that will help them lead positive and optimal lives. 

2. What can Holistic Nutritionists help you with? 
A lot of stuff! 
There is so much RHN's can help you with,  be it helping you make your own personalized food and fitness regimen or helping you out with your candida issues. RHN's also help with sleep problems, anxiety, blood sugar imbalances, food cravings, low energy, digestion is a biggie (!), depression, food allergies or sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, stress, pregnancy, adrenal issues, headaches...the list goes on and on! They just basically help you with your *overall* health. :)

3. What can you do once you become a R.H.N.? (Registered Holistic Nutritionist)
You can open up your own consulting business and axquire your own clientele! You can work in gyms, spas, doctor's offices and health and wellness centres. You can write for magazines or publish your very own book! You can also teach - educate others on the importance of overall health and wellness.

4. Can you make good money as an R.H.N.?
Of course - especially with the way things are going these days - obesity being on the rise as well as diabetes and heart disease, all of which I feel can be prevented with good nutrition and optimal health. There is a broad range in the world of nutrition, it just depends on where you're at and where exactly it is that you want to be. 
Nutritionists and dietitians also ranked #72 in Canada's 100 best jobs in 2014 {according to}.

5. How did you decide on a school? And how long is the course?
I guess this is more of a personal question - how did I decide on a school...I liked what the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition {where I am currently studying} has to offer for some reason I just wasn't too interested in the Institute of Holistic Nutrition as much as I was with CSNN. Although their philosophy's are nearly identical, I liked the fact that this school was closer to me in case I needed to get there, and the way their program ran for the 2 years in distance ed.
That answered the second question too. The course is 2 years. 

6. Do you find distance ed to be more difficult then an in-class experience?
I am familiar with in-class experiences when it comes to a secondary education and I think I almost perfer it. I appreciate the more hands on experience as well as having someone there to ask questions to when you need some answers. Of course you can always email or call if you're doing a distance ed course, but I also like the fact that you can meet other students and share ideas.
I also found it quite difficult to manage my time. Between life and work and other problems, school can be pushed aside...I find that it can be a bit more stressful when you realize how behind you are or can be and all that stress to catch up. You definitely have to be diligent and manage your time well.

7. What sort of subjects are in your course-load?
When I got into the course there were people that didn't expect the things that I would be learning! I would tell them what subject I am currently working on and the reaction I would be met with was "that's nutrition??" - well, of course! It all ties in! It's not JUST about food...but food and minerals, vitamins, learn about biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, pathology, sport nutrition, aging, mental health. The whole she-bang! Remember, this is about approaching your health as a whole. 

8. How do you balance life and school as a mature student?
I have definitely had my fair share of struggles and am trying to now catch up - like I said earlier, I am a little behind...which means that the next three months of my life will be nothing but school and studying. Unfortuntely we must sacrifice our social lives in order to do what we want to do, right? This is important to me as well...I may not have taken it seriously in the beginning to be quite honest, or I had good intentions, but as I study more and more and educate myself all about food, nutrition, fitness and the food industry itself I have become quite passionate about my studies and really want to persue this as a career (if animal cop doesn't work out of course, lol! just kidding...or am I?).
No, in all seriousness, it was tricky - you really have to delegate your work and you really need to be one determined individual to do everything and not lose your mind a little. ;) 
If you have your schedule set, and you stick to it, you will honestly be just fine.
I am definitely not the same person I was two years ago. I have learned A LOT and am grateful to have chosen this path.

Let me know if you guys have any other questions!! :) 
And if any of you are taking holistic nutrition, what are your thoughts on it and if you have any tips, please share!


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