Friday, July 18, 2014

::covetable:items:: - almost time for sweaters!

Since losing the bulk of my weight I have taken an interest in shopping again {obviously}...times like these I wish I won the lottery. Lol.
I must say I am feeling a little overwhelmed as I just don't know at this point what size I am anymore...and I am not big into changerooms and get really moody sometimes so you can imagine how shopping me with me can go at times. I have become very aware and familiar with my body though after all this. I *know* what will fit and what won't. What will look good and what will look...not so good. So it's definitely an advantage to being aware of that. 

I just find that a lot of the clothes at stores are ridiculously overpriced! Mini rant here...just because us bigger ladies want nice clothes doesn't mean you can jack up the price for an extra couple inches of material. Seriously!! The plus size stores that I used to shop at would charge $50-$60 for A SHIRT!! A simple freakin shirt! It was quite disappointing, so you can imagine, I didn't go shopping all that often {unless I was in the States, Lane Bryant often has great sales}. 

I found a grrrreat site, omg....AliExpress. I am *obsessed* with that site...I recently ordered a few sweatshirts for my boyfriend from there and some awesome jewelry which I will share once the order comes in. The only drawback is that it does take some time to actually get to me! About 2-4 weeks. Which isn't a 'biggie' but for some people that just doesn't jive. I am okay with it...when these babies come in from day to day it's like a ltitle surprise because when you order from the site, you get a total of all your purchases but usually they come from a few different people {unless the bulk of your order is from one specific person/shop}.
There are some reviews out there about 'scams' and whatnot...but I honestly have not had a problem thus far {knock on wood} and have been quite happy with the service so far. The pricing is unbelievable too. I am just not sure if I would order certain thing such as electronics but...I guess you never know unless you try. They also have a 'customer protection' thingermabob for those semi-nervous buyers, you can put your mind at ease. I have never had to use it, so that's a bonus for me. 
Definitely not a site for those that won't even do online banking though...I guess you just gotta have a little faith. Lol. 

Here are some items that I am SERIOUSLY coveting right now from that site. :) Mostly sweaters...or I think all sweaters, haha. But that's because the cooler weather is coming in...and I am usually cold when at work. So this works. ;)

One word of caution - these are ASIAN SIZES. So buyer beware in the respect that you need to measure yourself before you purchase anything like clothing. I just went with it initially and later realized that I seriously need to measure before I buy anything. 

This bad boy is only $9.99! I love it...I love the little birdies and it looks pretty BA with those pleather leggings...which I think now I may look!

This sweater is $15.98 - I just think it's super cute...Winterish and I love how stark white it is. It's just funky - something different. :) 

I just like the little eagle and the model is pretty so figured, hey, pretty neat sweater, haha...oh and I like the funky detail under the arm's just different. I am all about the kooky or different sweaters right now. And at only $14.80 it's a pretty good steal.

Don't ask me why. Different. That's all. Lol.

Not real, but cute! Only $19.90. 

I like how comfortable this sweater looks. How large the sleeves are so that you can wear a long sleeved shirt underneath. It just looks like the perfect sweater for travel too. $9.24 each.

Another cutsie pullover. $12.90.


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