Friday, August 06, 2010


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There have been alot of mixed reviews on the outfit Carrie Underwood wore during a performance on "The Today Show".
Personally I thought it was kinda cute, alot of people thought that the thigh-high stocking ruined the entire outfit, or that the shoes were too much.
Come on though people, what country singer have you seen wearing 6" Rock & Republic studded booties with short shorts and a school girl'esque top...AND pulled it off! I know if I saw Dolly Parton wearing that I quite possibly would cringe at the sight.
Maybe I am biased as well, I adore Carrie Underwood.
To be honest, I love her style. She went from total girl-next-door when on American Idol to a glamazon.
That hair, that makeup, those outfits and that bod! Not to mention she's got a new beau on her arm and a huge diamond on her finger to boot.
There will definitely be more hot or not pictures coming up.
What do you guys think of Ms. Underwood's school girl outfit?



  1. my dearest sandra, you have an exquisite talent for writing.. and i love love love carrie underwood's outfit.. so cute!!!

  2. Aww, why thanks very much! Glad your following the blog! Gotta get the numbers up so tell your friends to follow!
    I am in LOVE with her shoes! Lol.