Saturday, August 07, 2010


I am going to get my ass kicked if I don't start blogging about what was promised. Not only fashion but fitness and diet and just lifestyle for the ladies in general.
One topic I would like to touch upon is "skinny vs fit".

There has been a debate on this for quite some time and of course the youngin stylista's are definitely exposed to super thin Amazonian women of our world (note: Gisele Bundchen) but honestly. Who looks better? Jillian Michaels or Kate Moss?
Let me tell you my side of the story. I was always obsessed with trying to be super skinny. Eating lettuce and working out so many hours til the cows came home. And I only ever did my exercising at home. And it was usually cardio. Great method of shredding the fat. But I realized when I finally joined the gym 5 months ago. Nothing shreds fat like weight training.
And I can't believe that ladies don't even bother going into the weight room at their local gym!! I can honestly say I was one of maybe, and I do mean, maybe five ladies that lifted those barbells, did deadlifts and worked out our triceps.
Did u ladies know that one pound of fat burns about 4-6 calories an hour while one pound of muscle burns 50?!?
And u might be sitting there thinking "Okay fellow GlobeTrotter, I don't want to look like a freakin body builder!!"
Ladies, that's impossible. You are NOT built like a man and you do NOT have the amount of testosterone that a man does to build that kind of muscle mass. It's impossible. Unless you are taking creatine and other supplements to bulk up; that is simply not going to happen.
Geeze! I spent two months in the weight room and whilst my boyfriend built muscle like Tito Ortiz I couldn't even get Madonnas definition!
But I will tell you, I felt great and even though the scale didn't show (since muscle weighs more then fat) my pants were falling off my ass and I had calf muscles that would make even Donovan Bailey jealous. Okay...maybe not that extreme. Haha. But seriously weight training was one of the best things that ever happened to my body. And if lifting weights isn't your thing then that's fine. Do some body weight exercises. I will divulge my secret in that soon enough. When I feel comfortable in sharing. I am overprotective of this little secret of mine at times. No joke. Lol.
Anyways, my body took on a transformation that I even couldn't believe and then one day I realized that I don't want to look like a super skinny 5 foot 11 runway model. I wanted to look like a healthy woman. With a cardiovascular system that could compete with an Olympian. A body that could even burn major calories at rest. A body that was super tight, fit and firm. Even going into my 60s. A body like Jillians, Amber Elizabeth and Zuzana Light.
A body that enjoyed healthy food and rejected junky crap and slept through the night like a baby and fought anxiety and stress.
Who wants to be a miserable skinny globetrotter when you could be a fit and gorgeous woman of the world?
Who wants to be lithe and light when you can be strong and defined.
That's the kind of woman I want to be. With a body that says that I'm not a little girl but one that says that I can kick your ass. And that's what every little girl should strive for.
To be a kick ass woman.



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