Friday, August 06, 2010


Alison Mosshart is American singer and songwriter and is best known as lead vocalist for The Kills and the supergroup The Dead Weather with Jack White.
I fell in love with Mosshart a little while ago when I randomly stumbled across a photo of her when looking at fellow style icon Kate Moss ( Kate Moss is currently dating Jamie Hince, the second half of The Kills ).
The Florida-born raven haired Mosshart has a stellar style that mixes grunge with glam and punk and she is able to mix high and low fashion with poise. Her style may seem a little too ruffian for some but she does have a few high-end designers under her belt, note her signature gold boots that she orders every season from, beleive it or not, Dior Homme.
Not to mention peices by Ann Demeulemeester and Marc Jacob's tee's, which has been said she shares with friend Kate Moss. She's got a serious eclectic style with incredibly covetable and inspirational peices.
Going through images of Mosshart one can easily fall in love with her signature stove-pipe jeans and hot but serious leather jackets. Her signature I'd have to say though would be her graphic tee's which can be easily found scattered all over the floors of her loft ( I'd imagine ) and will probably have some hole's littered all over in panache. I do covet her charming but hard core animal print cardigans. And one can obviously not forget the adornments, more usually found on her wrists and fingers, Mosshart is embellished with chunky rings and random bracelets. I don't know about you guys, but one can easily fall in love with the nonchalance of this style icon. A less glam more grungey balmain on stage fashionista ( I hate that word but had to use it ), a
fashion conscious rocker...ahh, that's the one. Alison Mosshart has epic style. Oh and we can't forget about the hardcore music.

(Photo Credits: Alison Mosshart Facebook)

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