Saturday, December 10, 2011


Some photo's I thought I would share. 

My boyfriend is definitely a real guy's guy...he would never wear a peacoat let alone a scarf...that is until I converted him...and the end result? A dashing and very handsome man. 

My Christmas decorating I did the past week...Tuesday to be exact. I think I did a pretty darn good job. Very festive - would put anyone into a Christmasy good mood. :) 

A photo of my boyfriend and I that I found on my iPhone. Aren't we so cute...?  :) 

This wasn't technically the first snow...but it was the first snow that stuck for most of the day. 
I can't wait until we get like...a foot of snow...which better happen soon! This is my backyard by the way.

My boyfriend and I are huge appetizer people. We love 'em. So here are some shrimp appetizers that a great friend of mine {Bee's} bought us to enjoy. They were delicious...and then we have some white wine spritzers along with Bridesmaids in the background to make a great Saturday evening. 

This is my Mom's pup. Oskar. I got him for my Mom when they were moving away to California. She always said she wanted a Yorkie and one day I decided I was going to get her one. He is tiny...not a teacup...but considering he is mixed with a Schnauzer he hasn't grown more than 4lbs and he was technically supposed to be 10lbs or over...and he's now almost 5 year's old. My Mom adores him and doesn't usually dress him up since he is indifferent to it and my Mom just doesn't like doing it...but this was for a calendar for a friend and he looks adorable. Mr. December. Adorable Oss-Man.

Not too long ago, I told you guys that my little guy was sick. Since then he has gotten a lot better and I am so grateful! I really thought that I was going to lose him and I love him more than anything. Here he is, lounging about in the new California King Size bed that he thinks is his...come on though...cats rule the house - they are the masters. :) My family has had this handsome kitty since he was just a tiny babe. Will be going on 15 year's next June and he is definitely my best friend. 


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