Saturday, December 10, 2011


If anyone knows anything about anything about ANYTHING about hair it would be my fabulous Sister. 
You know how you go and see a hairdresser...and you sometimes get the ones that just do whatever the hell you want to your hair...shiiiiit, I have black hair? Let's do platinum! I have blonde hair? Let's do red! I have straight hair? Let's perm! 
They only just nod and smile and do as you wish...well, of course they would...because they want to make their clients happy and do whatever they want...whether it be a disaster or not. 
But then there are the ones...the stylists and colorists, that are absolutely passionate about their work...they're the ones that when you request the previous things I just said would look at you with wide-eyes and ask if you're on a) crack b) drunk or c) just plain stoooopid. 
Yup. Those are the ones that are fervent about what they do.
A craft though, you may ask? 
When I watch  my Sister at work or any other hairstylist for that matter that is passionate about what they do they have the type of concentration that my Dad has when he is soldering a motherboard in a computer. 
An air that is beyond coalescing and a monumental attention to detail. 
It is a an artist that paints on a blank canvas. It's an art that is displayed in public, in private, just everywhere...and when a stranger walks up to you and asks you where that art came from - "I LOVE your hair?! Where did you get it done??" Well...thus the power of social networking. 

What I am basically trying to that I recently went somewhere where they massacred my hair...and you can go to places where it seems like people know what they are doing but you can just tell by how they work whether they enjoy their job or not or take it seriously. 
My Sister is one of those people that is incredibly vehement in the way that she does her work.
Maybe that's why she is as successful as she is and I am beyond proud of her. 
I don't milk it...I don't visit her all the time just to get my hair done...I can't even remember the last time that I got my hair done by's been that long...but when I do go, you bet your bottom dollar that I will walk away feeling different or renewed...more confident. It's amazing...and to think that some people think it's just's more than's a part of you, a signature...
This editorial...or any editorial that showcases the art of hair reminds me of her. 
I seriously wouldn't be surprised if one day she is the next Orlando Pita or Sam McKnight...well, obviously not a man...but you know what I mean. Lol. 

Ymre Stiekema by Pierre Even for Mixte Fall 2011.



  1. haha great post! i have had so many dreadful trips to the hairdressers in the past luckily I have found a good hairdresser! x

  2. I am glad you have! And they are probably super into what they do. :) It's seriously like finding a diamond in therough, those guys. :)

    Have a lovely weekend! :)


  3. This was a great post and I love what you wrote about your Sister! I'm proud of you!!