Saturday, December 24, 2011


I'm not going to do a long-winded blog post on how fast this year has gone by because I will just save that for when the New Year approaches. I can't believe it is almost 2012! 2011 did go by really really fast. It's nuts!
Today is my Christmas...meaning, because of my heritage, I celebrate Christmas today - Christmas Day really makes no never mind to me to be honest. 
Today is the day where you don't eat meat, listen to crazy loud music {although NHL12 is blaring in the background} and just relax and cook and spend time with loved ones. 
I really wish I could have spent Christmas with my family. They are all in California for the holidays...I should have gotten a plane ticket - for serious. Oh well, always next year. :) 
I do plan on going to California soon though, early in 2012. So that will be fun. I will take LOTS of pictures this time and share them with you all. As last time I said that and I really didn't do it. 
Anyways - my boyfriend is sitting here playing PS3. I got him the new Call of Duty game and instead he is playing NHL12. What a guy. 
I am going to blog as much as I can today since I have seriously been lagging in posts lately. I have been working on the apartment and using my boxing bag - which I LOVE. 
I have to make my family's traditional salad for today and thaw out the salmon for tonight's dinner. It is going to be a quiet one, but a fun one none the less. :) 
Hope everyone is having a lovely day so far!


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