Friday, December 09, 2011


Hello hello everyone!
Well, it has been a few days since I last posted and I do apologize. I have been job hunting and tidying up around the place...yesterday I wasn't feeling well at all and so I did a bunch of absolutely nothing. The weight loss journey sucks balls {excuse me} as always...I had poutine yesterday for dinner but I have done better today. I had two soft-boiled eggs and a mini baguette for brunch and I am still not hungry, so this is a good thing! 
I do need to figure out something healthy to make for dinner tonight and I am thinking fish fillets on a ciabatta bun. Sounds delightful!
Anyways, once a day - or once when I post - I am going to do a mini confession about myself...or just something about myself...I guess to let followers relate and spur on some conversations from time to time. 
It's funny how I will think of certain things throughout the day and say to myself "I might just blog about that tonight"...
This is a big confession and might irk a few people reading this. Lol. I am not a huge spider fan but I am not at all afraid of mini {or big} Daddy Long Legs. I always used to play with them as I was growing up. I found them cute and dainty. 
So...confession number one...if I see a little baby Daddy Long Legs in my apartment; if I don't just pick them up and take them outside or the garage, but sometimes just leave them  be. :/ I know I know! It's not that best of ideas!
But it's so far and few in between when I see them that I just don't mind at all. It's not like I have an infestation on my hands. Rarely do I just leave them but sometimes I just do. Pretend I don't see them. Lol. 
But come on, I live in a basement apartment and Lord knows how many spiders are hiding in the laundry room or crawl space. Or bugs...oh goodness, I don't even want to think about it. 
But this is a confession! I am not ashamed of it! Lol. 
So yea, I like Daddy Long Legs and to be honest - I am just a bug-saver in general. Maybe not earwings *shudder*...or huge-ass spiders *bigshudder* but if I see anything else meandering about {for example there was a wasp once in my makeup area} I will trap them in a cup and take them outside to set them free. 
So yea, thought I would share...a little confessional corner if you will. But other than that, I do apologize for not posting as much.
I had had my fill of moving watching {or rather it being in the background while I worked on things or cleaned} such as Merlin, Aeon Flux, Armageddon, The Forbidden Kingdom, Red's endless. I have had my fill - that's for sure. Lol. 
Anyways! I hope everyone is doing well and that they are going to enjoy their kick-ass weekend that is coming up! :) 
Happy Friday!

Here is a gorgeous editorial. :) 

Maja Salamon by Marcin Tyszka for Tatler November 2011.


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