Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hmm...I am going to bring up a little something-something that bothers me just a tad. 
It's the entire mentality that just because it is Christmas time you can "eat like a pig". Really? Now...I really am not one to talk...I have my fair share of food struggles and mental wars between either having the salad or the extra three heaping spoonfuls of mashed potatoes (I usually choose the latter) -- and instead of taking full responsibility on my lack of willpower and desire for disgusting gluttony, I just say; "to hell with it! it's Christmastime!"...
Um...who really...REALLY are we kidding here? 
We really don't just say this during Christmas time...but we say it during New Years, Birthdays, Halloween, Valentine's Day, May 2-4, 'it's the weekend!', 'my nail broke!', etc. 
So no...we really don't have an excuse and I just WISH I had that willpower - and I am working on it, to exercise that caution around festive times. 
Why do we feel the need to ask for second helpings after we are well aware of our bodies and how retardedly full we feel? 
Why do people incessantly pester us when you refuse second helpings and they keep nagging and nagging - saying that "hey! it's the holidays!". 
In all's because we know what we are doing to our bodies is just plain unhealthy  and they are plain jealous that we exercise that willpower during times like these. 
I mean, come on, we definitely won't be complaining when all this is done that we can't fit into our jeans. That is for sure. 

I can't really say too much about I totally "fell off the wagon" and I am human, like everyone else...and at times I may have found myself sitting there and saying to someone "have that extra glass of wine" or "eat that third huge plate of pasta" just because it's the holidays???! No. It's because I had FOUR helpings of pasta, 5 glasses of wine, am getting tipsy and seriously craving some massive amounts of chocolates -- AND YOU SHOULD TO! YOU SIMPLY CANNOT MAKE ME GAIN FIVE POUNDS IN UNDER A DAY ON MY OWN! YOU NEED TO AS WELL!
All kidding aside though - I really admire the men and women that take pride in their bodies and taking care of them...and just listening to it. 
They know when they are full - they know that they don't need that extra slice of cheesecake and maybe at the end of the week they might indulge in one more. 
I am really beginning to realize - and despise - America's and Canada's all or nothing mentality. 
Europe doesn't do this! I mean, when you go there for dinners and such...just like in the book I am reading "Bonjour Happiness" - everyone indulges...and maybe even once a day they do this! BUT, they have a SLIVER of cheesecake...not half of the damn thing...and when they have that sliver they don't think "to hell with it, I failed in healthy eating today, let's eat like cows!" they think "yum, that was great -- maybe I will have another sliver a few days from now as a treat". I wish I could easily adopt this mentality. 
I AM working on it. I really am...much to my dismay at times because I absolutely LOOOVE food...but I love being healthier more...

So do as you wish this holiday everything and more - don't exercise, eat an entire box of Ferrero Rocher's and have ample amounts of Bailey's in your coffee for breakfast...but don't come back here and start your bitching that you feel bloated and can't fit into your skinny jeans!

That is all. ;) 
Happy Holidays! 

Yea, this picture is kinda really disgusting...


{Source: Image from Google Images -- Crystal Renn}

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