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Hello hello! I haven't posted too much this week, have I? I will try and make up for that as much as I can today. First of all, Happy Friday! The weekend is fast approaching for everyone. Currently in my neck of the woods; it is snowing. Light snow. 
I really do enjoy the big fat flakes though. Snow storms. :) Yes! Not for driving in, no no no. 
So I have been doing pretty good with my diet and such. I did a killer workout on both Tuesday and Wednesday, was sore yesterday so I skipped and I am even more sore today!? What is up with that? 
My arms can't function properly and my legs feel like jello half the time. 
I think I will skip out again today and hopefully am better tomorrow to train. 
I have been eating pretty good as well - other than yesterday. Starchy white pasta with cheeeese. It was delicious though. But back on it today, so that is good. 
Not sure if I should make Thai Shrimp Soup tonight or a light fish, new potatoes and brussels sprouts with bacon. I think I might do the latter as I need to use the veggies up. 
Well, Christmas is 22 days away this year has gone by so fast. 
I have been watching a lot of movies lately to get into the spirit of Christmas as I have mentioned in a previous post before...but there are also certain movies that are not Christmas-y at all, but they get me in the mood because it was at a time where the movie came out, or we rented/bought it during the season and watched it. 
Here are some totally random movies that I watch around Christmas time. 

This really is going to get random you guys. Lol.
This is a movie that I watched at home during the holidays...Red Planet with Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss and Tom Sizemore. There are also a bunch of other pretty good actors in there. It's about a team of people that go to Mars...the Earth is deteriorating and yea...I am not going to get into the whole shpeel of the movies as this post could take forever.
So yea! Red Planet!

The Fifth Element. My family and I always watch this movie around Christmas time...I watch it every other time too as I love this movie. But it's one of 'em during the holidays. 

Don't even ask. Even yesterday my Mom was like; "Don't you watch a movie like that during Halloween?".
I think it's because there is snow during the movie or something. I don't know. I do remember however, watching this movie during a snow storm. So that counts, no? 

Not only was I obsessed with this movie in general, but I would always watch it when there was a snow day or during the Christmas Holidays. This is definitely an amazing movie. 

I wouldn't even technically call this a "Christmas Movie". But it is on the Christmas movie lists when you look online. Probably because they spend two Christmases during the movie and there is a lot of snow. Lol. Either way, it's definitely, DEFINITELY one of the movies I watch during Christmas. Especially while my Mom baked apple crumble. ;)

Another one that is a bit random, but once again...there are Christmas-y scenes in this movie along with snow...I also remember watching this movie after I went out to the grocery store to get some over roasted potatoes because I had a hankering for was blizzarding outside while my Mom was preparing food for a Christmas party of some sort. So definitely a movie to watch when it's snowing outside. 

This is a new development that started just a year or so ago. I went on a real Jackie Chan kick. Trying to find anything I possibly could that had anything to do with him, including all his movies. I picked this one up along with a bunch of others one snowy day after work with a friend and when I got to the house I popped this classic in and watched while decorating my Christmas tree.
So now any Jackie Chan movie is a Christmas movie in my books. :) 

I probably could keep on going. But these are a few staples during the Holiday season...I already finished Red Planet and Dracula along with The Forbidden Kingdom with Jackie Chan. So I have a few more movies to watch; not to mention National Lampoon's and all those other Christmas-y movies that are actually Christmas-y. Lol. 

Do you guys have any weird traditions during the holiday season or Christmastime that has nothing to do with Christmas? 

Ps. Trying to find a recipe for you guys. I finally got the new Oxygen and Shape magazine {thanks Bee's!} and there is a TUN of stuff in there that I will share with you guys. 
I also cleaned up our spare bedroom where all my books and magazines are and I was able to throw all my cookbooks on one shelf...or at least most of them so I gotta go through those as well and figure out a recipe. :)

Hope everyone is having a lovely day so far!


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