Thursday, December 26, 2013


How fast Christmas crept up and just blew past us. I really can't believe it. This year I tried to focus on getting into the spirit…and even though I listened to Christmas music every day, watched Christmas movies, decorated ~ and have two tree's up…it's still just not the same as when you were little. I don't feel like I did when I was growing up. I discussed this with my Sister, her boyfriend Leyman and Travis as well…maybe it might change when you have kids. Because their excitement might rub off on you, but as you get older it just doesn't feel the same. That doesn't mean that Christmas still isn't somewhat exciting. I just don't think it's the same.
Maybe I am just saying this because this year I have been so busy and things were a bit stressful. Between Maggie's surgeries, studying, work, and a billion other things I didn't really stand back and enjoy the lead up to Christmas. I try and be mindful but I think that sometimes it is hard amidst the hustle and bustle so I think that in 2014 I am really going to try and practise mindfulness…among other things. 
There are many things that I really want to focus on in 2014…I always said I wanted to do in 2013 that I just didn't do. I think I also need to be less hard on myself…and also need to focus on the good times and the people around me too. The good things. :) 
Anyways…I will write more on that in the next few days. I just wanted to share a few pics…a little insight into the past few weeks. 

Some of the best times is spent with friends and family. We had a great time with my BFF, Bee's, we did a belated birthday dinner for him the last weekend of November…but we listened to Christmas music, chatted and had a great time. The puplets love him. He's such an awesome man and we are grateful to have him in our lives. :) 

This is Scooter. A rescue from Tennessee that is at Chatham-Kent Rescue…I wish I could rescue this precious baby but I already have two…so I am desperately trying to find him a home. I offered to pay half the adoption fee and pick him up - since he is 2 hours away. I really hope that he finds a really good and loving home soon. He is just the cutest baby. 

This is my rescue. I got Maggie-Moo on October 11th. The owner told me that if I wasn't going to take Maggie that she was going to put her down. How could I not take in sweet, precious Maggie? She has really come out of her shell the past few weeks especially. She also had pretty bad teeth when I picked her up and was used for breeding so needed a dental surgery and a spay which were both done in the beginning of December. Her teeth are feeling so much better and it's obvious…she is playing a lot more and just seems so much happier. She is a 5 year old Yorkie…and her and Lou'e are getting along great. At first I was just going to foster her…but she has found a special place in our hearts and our home…she's a foster fail! She is now in her furever home. :) 

I was told that Maggie was never walked in her five years…I take her out twice a day now. She really loves her walks and since the snow has fallen she loves to go out in it and shove her face in the fluffy white stuff. She makes me laugh when she does that. Makes for some funny pictures too. :) 

This is my boss and amazeballs friend, Tricia {right} with her niece; Jea. This was our Christmas girls night party…it was a good time. Always good to go out and hang with the girls. We had a blast. :)

A quite Christmasy night. 

Travis opening up a Christmas gift. 

Relaxing and looking through books. 

Our lobby. How pretty!

It's a full-time job managing Lou'e's Facebook page!! 

My gorgeous new watch from Tricia! :)

Work Christmas lunch! Lots and lots of food at the Mandarin! 

We had an ice storm over the weekend that left us without power for five hours on Sunday! Thank goodness we got our hydro back. It is dangerous…but looks so pretty. 

Lot's of tree's that fell…but the ice looks so pretty. 

Merry Christmas from my little family to yours! <3 font="" nbsp="">


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