Friday, February 07, 2014


This post should have been posted a looooong time ago {early 2012!!}, I have been super busy with work and school and then as I was perusing my blog I realized I never posted this!! Omg.
Sorry to Dex and Peppermint! 

Here it is! Finally!!! The interview with two of the cutest YouTube stars ever!!! 

So, as most of you already know, I got Lou'e just over 3 months ago {or something like that, lol} and he has been an absolute dream. I couldn't have asked for a better puppy, honestly. He is such a good boy ~ still has lots to learn but he is so quick to get things and what he knows now was easy-as-pie to teach him to do. Although I must admit, potty training was a bit of an arduous task at first. 

I have become, beyond any doubt, a crazy dog lady. 

About a month ago, I was perusing YouTube to find pretty much anything and everything I could about Yorkies...that's when I stumbled upon a YouTube channel that offers webisodes {or Dextersodes, just wait I can explain} weekly. I seriously, instantly got addicted to this. I have yet to watch all the videos but I am pretty close. 
That and I will endlessly rewatch some of them. 

This YouTube channel is called "Dexter's Ruff Life" and follows two little Yorkie's and their hilarious hijinx.
Honestly, watching these videos makes me happy...I mean, when I have a particularly rough day, I just watch these videos and it instantly puts a smile on my face and allows me to escape the days troubles because I mean, come on, how can you think about anything else when you're watching these two beyond-adorable pups??

The videos are basically of Dex and Peppermint chatting it up with their Mom Alana about their videos on the "hooman" world. There are also clips of them playing, being sneaky and being just plain old heartbreakinly adorable!
In todays' time, laughter is genuinely thee best medicine and it's great when you find something that you can turn to that'll put a smile on your face no matter what, and I found this in Alana's videos that she works so hard in putting together; but the payoff is priceless. 

Not only are there YouTube videos you can subscribe to {Dexter's YouTube Channel} but also a Facebook page {Dex & Pep on Facebook} and their very own blog ~ Dexter's Ruff Life
You can find out everything about Dex, Peppermint and Alana on their site and catch all their videos on there as well. 

Since I am now a crazy dog lady, I figured it would be a fantastic idea and blog post if I asked Alana if she could do an interview with me to get to know the pups and her a little bit more. I was beyond thrilled when she graciously accepted and even more so when I got the answers to my interview questions. :)
I suggest you guys make your way over to the YouTube channel, subscribe, and get addicted to these videos yourself. You won't be sorry! 
Come on, who doesn't want to watch two loveable and cute-as-pie puppies?!

Here is the interview!!
The first portion is an interview with Alana, the pups owner as you know by now and the second portion is a bit of a Q&A with Dex and Pep!

~ Alana's Interview ~

How are Dex and Peppermint liking all the attention they are not getting on YouTube with the Dextersodes? 
Most of our fan base is actually in USA and not here in Canada, so it hasn't really affected us too much so far! We get recognized here and there and of course the pups LOOOOVE to get treats from fans. ;-)

Are there any new, neat things going on in the future? 
We are always working on new, neat things! We have a ton of ideas on the go, the problem is that we don't always have the time or money to create the ideas I have in my head. A couple scripts I have been working on is a Doggy Blues song sung by Dexter; Dex and Pep setting up a Dating Show type thing for mommy, and possibly a new rap song with Dexter and Peppermint. 

How long does it typically take to make a Dextersode?
This depends on the type of episode we are doing. A typical Dextersode takes about a day or two to write the script, and about a full day to shoot, do voice overs and edit. So about 2-3 solid 12 hour days to make one Dextersode. The music videos take a lot longer. It took me about 2 months to write, shoot and edit Terrier Rap and I have been working on the Doggy Blues script for about a year now! This is why we don't get out content as regularly as I would like since I do own my own business that takes up a lot of my time and it is hard to find 2-3 days each week to make regular videos. Eventually we would LOVE to grow DRL to a place where it is making enough money for us to turn it into a full time job and be able to create regular weekly content, but we are still a ways away from that dream being fulfilled. 

Are there days where Dex and Pep just don't want to cooperate? 
They typically get lots of treats and attention on shoot days so don't mind acting too much. For regular Dextersodes, they are literally on camera for about a minute a piece so it isn't a huge disruption in their daily life schedule of napping. The music videos usually take a bit more work from them so I usually spread shooting days out over a number of days so it doesn't overwhelm them. Dexter especially gets cranky if he has to work for too long!

How long did it take to train these two smart and adorable doggies? 
For most Dextersodes, the only training they use is Sit & Stay.  That is the first thing I taught peppermint when I got her since I knew I would need her to cooperate for videos!  Peppermint is a very fast learning and is always learning new things with me.  Her latest trick is wave and it is adorable!  Dexter, again, is a bit of a primadonna and takes much longer to teach trick.  He is, however, more well trained in obedience and knows the basic commands very well (sit, stay, come, stop, drop it)  which are important for him sitting still in the videos.  Both are VERY food motivated so if I have treats, they will listen!

Are both Dex and Pep purebred? 
Peppermint is a purebred Yorkie and came from a friend who shows yorkies and has a litter once in a while to get show potentials out of.  Since Pep was born VERY small, she could not be a show dog and needed to find a good pet home.  Dexter was a re-home and I am still not too sure if he is purebred.  I tried to contact the “breeder” he came from a few times (the people I got him from gave me her info) and never got an answer.  Because of his extremely bad knees (a big sign he came from bad breeding) there is a chance he is not pure. 

~ Interview with Dex and Pep! ~

Dex and Pep; does Mommy spoil you guys? 
Mommy is da bestest mommy. She spoils us just enoughs to keep us happy, but not enoughs to gives us toooo big of an ego. 

What is your favorite thing to chew on? 

What are your favorite treats - besides bacons!
Mommy always has freeze dried chicken and beef livers in da house fur us.  We eat da chicken regularly  but da beef livers comes out at “bad” times like baff time and toe nail cutting time. 

What are some oddball things you guys do on a daily basis that your fans don’t know about yet and makes your Mom laugh?
Mommy is always laffin at us.  I don’t really know whys since we just do normal dog things, but she tinks we is hilarious.  To be honest, I tink she is a little bit crazy
Here are a few videos that show some of the quirky things that I love about these guys!

Peppermint Kisses:

Dexter Digging Obsession:

Peppermint in Heat:

Dexter Rolling in Stinky Stuff:

What is your guys’ favorite time of year?

SUMMERTIMES!  We loves da beach and not hasing to wear sweaters


Have you guys ever had sick days where you don’t want to film a Dextersode?

Yup, but mommy is good at not makin us do anything we don’t wanna do.


If you were on a deserted island what are three things you would have with you?

Mommy, Peppermint & Bacons


What are each of your five most favorite things.

Bacons, da beach, ball, food, family.
Socks, eggs, cuddling, mommy, dexter.

Addicted, yet? I am sure you are. :)

Wanted to say a BIG BIG BIGGGG thanks to Alana, Dex and Pep for allowing me to do this interview and allowing me to use the pictures on this blog. 

This honestly was a lot of fun and I can’t wait until the next video comes out. Thanks for putting a smile on my face every time I'm perusing YouTube guys!! 



  1. I am a huge fan. I have at this time 5 dogs and 3 cats. My youngest dog is the daughter of Sadie (the Dorkie. Her daddy is a pure bred Yorki and her mom is a doxie). Zoie Luna is Sadie's daughter. Her daddy is Leo a pure bred Yorki. My son Adam's 36 year old wife died 1-22-13. So I moved in with hi . Heather had a service dog named Ares. Ares has adopted me since Heather died. Adam also has a therapy dog named Lila. Then on april21,2013 Adams friend found a kitten all alone by a fence. Adam brought him home. The vet said he weighed 5 oz. Now almost a year later he is huge almost 13 pounds. On 2-28-14 on a dangerous road I found a stray. Vet said no chip and her guess is because Bailey (that is the name of the road I found him on) has a grade 3 heart mummer heather had a year old cat oj a and I HAVEA 15 year old cat named Choco. I cook for my dogs and love them so much. I am here for my son through probably his toughest year ever. Your dexters Ruff Life has been Bright Spot in my life. I love you all so does Zoie Luna. <3

  2. Thank you for your comment and sharing Kat! :) Dexter's Ruff Life definitely is a bright spot in many people's lives. I am sorry that you had to go through tough times, you are that much stronger for it and sound like a wonderful person to give all these furbabies a loving home! So we have many things in common. :) I LOVE my doggies too!! I love animals, in general! :) <3
    I hope you enjoyed the interview and would love to see pictures of your babies one day!

    Take care!! xx