Friday, January 01, 2016



Wow...what a year 2015 has been...
First off, want to begin by saying that yesterday was pretty awesome! I worked for half the day, trained, got home, made a delicious & healthy dinner (baked whole organic chicken, potatoes and salad), had a Star Wars marathon (1-3!) and had another workout (cardio, baby!) and more Star Wars...and King of Queens....then bed at 12:01am! LOL. It was nice, honestly. 
This morning I woke up and decided to start my year by journaling - 
I decided I'm not going to make any resolutions for 2016 at all. I, first of all, cannot believe that's it's 2016 already. It's insanity how quickly time flies these days. I don't even know where 2015 went! And even though I say to myself now that 2015 wasn't as eventful or exciting as I wanted it to be, it definitely was a year of firsts. I got a new job, I finished school and graduated, I began training...among a multitude of other things. So I should be proud and give myself a pat on the back. I feel like I'm on the right track - and that there ARE good things to come...
But I can't stand the "NEW YEAR, NEW YOU" slogans that are being smeared all over social media and advertisements the last week or so. Driving me BONKERS!! 
I know that sounds terrible - but it really is! I don't like resolutions, because if you don't follow through with half of them, then you feel like a failure! I started my new years resolutions, a long time ago! I just think that we shouldn't put this incredibly amount of pressure on ourselves, for no reason! We should just take it as it comes, a day at a time! 
We need to sent lifestyle goals, little tiny things that will make a big impact...pack a huge punch! 
So...that's what I'm doing. No resolutions, just little changes...that'll become big ones...
Also, positivity. That's a big thing for me as well right now. 

So....Happy New Year to all of you! 
May 2016 be the best year yet! Or...just take it as it comes! The good and the bad. :) 
But regardless, I am:

And here's to another year with The Darling Miss G - please stay tuned for LOTS more!! :) 


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