Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I trust everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I spent it with my sweetie {other then being at work for 8 hours} & we had a lovely time. :)
Watched TSN and HGTV. Haha. No, it was nice. And had some pasta. Yum!
Okay...so another "style queen" post is probably due.
I know alot of you may not like this person, heck, I am not really a fan but you can't deny that she can make some pretty awesome choices {or agrees to anyway} with regards to what she is wearing. So here she is, Miley Cyrus.


Ugh. I especially love this last dress. It is absolutely beyond stunning. I want it!


(Source: Miley Cyrus Fansites)


  1. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I love this post. I completely agree with you about how miley does have great style choices. I literally want everything in her wardrobe! It's fabulous!

  2. very beautiful pictures!
    I love dresses..