Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I just felt the need to post something regarding this.
Everyone loves animals and no one wants to hurt them {unless you're kookoobanana's}.
This morning I was on my homepage of MSN Canada and saw that one of the headlines there was an investigation for a mass sled dog killing probe in British Columbia.
Sad to say that this sort of stuff happens everywhere.
If you want to read about the story just click on this link here --> http://news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/cbc-article.aspx?cp-documentid=27491006 .
I am trying to figure out how to take some sort of action but there isn't alot of information regarding how regular joes like you and I {well, we are glamourous regular joes ;)} could help with what is going on.
Alas, there isn't much since these dog's have been killed and they are now trying to find the mass grave site.
I guess we could write to the company that did this and express to them just how disgusting it is to actually treat their dogs; their companions! this way.
These dogs are used during tourist season {which is 24/7 over in gorgeous British Columbia} for dog sledding...I guess for some reason they felt the need to "eradicate" these poor dogs instead of putting them up for adoption or something.
Who does such things??!
Anyways...sadly, this isn't the only problem that is going around our big ol' country Canada or our bff; the USA.
There are many things you can do though; try perusing the ASPCA website, or for those Ontarion's; the OSPCA and see what you can do to help the animals in your community.
You can throw a link over to their site up on your blog to gain more awareness about animal cruelty, you can donate moolah {since they usually function through public/personal donations} or start your own pet food bank or...ANYTHING! Just to get people to check the site out or to read what you have to say about some of the things that are going on around your area or community.
We need to raise awareness. This is becoming ridiculous! All the investigations and stories that are popping up everywhere about poor little guys that suffer or are abused.
They don't deserve it. They haven't done anything to anyone to receive this sort of heartless ruthlessness. We humans aren't completely stupid...I don't know why we act like it sometimes.
Support your local animal shelter or humane society.
Raise awareness about cruelty towards our animals and just do as much as you can to spread the word out, because all these guys want is love and to give out their endless amount of love back to you. <3

PLEASE visit your SPCA website and let's start doing something...

Lots of Love! {And I'm sure puppy, kitty & all other animal kisses}


  1. i absolutely agree with you. these issues are one the most important to me in my life. you can never do enough! thanks for posting!!! ♥

    ♠ ♠ ♠



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  3. Animal cruelty I will never understand. It's probably the thing that gets me emotional the quickest. So revolting. :(