Friday, March 11, 2011


A lot has been going on in our world lately; some good and some bad.
But most focus on the evil that goes on...the wars, the tsunami's and earthquakes, the sick, the poor, the starving, the kookoo {Charlie Sheen ~ whom I feel sorry for...and Galliano ~ who shouldn't have said what he said}.
I am sure that you guys have heard what's happened in Japan and it's really devestating and sad and my thoughts and prayers are with all those that have loved ones there or live there or who have lost the people they care for most. It's really can't stop things like that.
I guess what I am trying to say is that amidst all the chaos and ugliness and pain we should focus on the beautiful things when we get down on ourselves or our day to day lives.
I try and focus on the lovely things as much as possible. Sometimes of course it can be may have a shit day at work or someone said something mean to know? I guess I am kinda rambling.
I heard the terrible news this morning of Japan and I just want to say that I hope all of you are praying for all those that are in need of the world.
And do what you can for those in need...and if you are limited then a simple prayer or thought is all that matters.
Focus on the beautiful and smile.
That would definitely make someone's day I am sure.
Anyways...I saw this editorial this morning and it made me smile...
It's beautiful, light and loving.
Loooove animals in photoshoots like this. :)

Amanda Seyfried by Alexei Hay for Elle US April 2011.


{Source: Elle.Com}

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  1. agreed, I love animals in photoshoots too :) these are gorgeous shots of amanda! x