Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I know I know...I have been gone for forever!
Have been quite the busy bee the last little while...weekend was also pretty jam-packed {there was an Ikea outing too, lol}. But I am back here to share more lovely fashion pictures and recipes. :)
I am unsure if you guys heard over the weekend of this "supermoon"...basically the moon being super large...I think that is why people have been a bit wonky lately...
Meaning...people are having massive moodswings and whatnot...I know I have...and I know a few that are going through it too. Lol.
Anyways, I am rambling on...the weather is really creepy and strange here this morning in my neck of the woods...it's dark and just eerie...and I don't feel the greatest this morning either {a bit of anxiety here and there} so that doesn't help the creepy feeling either.
We are supposed to get a crapload of snow again starting tomorrow...even though the first day of Spring was this past Sunday and the snow that was already on the ground has pretty much melted...but I guess Mother Nature is not done with us just yet with regards to Winter.
Anyways...enough of my rambling...I will leave you here with a photo and I will try and decide which recipe to share with you guys as well. :)


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