Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So I did phase 1 - workout 1 yesterday {Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution}, it was a bit difficult, but it was more fun than expected. Probably because I didn't expect a lot of the exercises and there weren't a lot of stupid jumping jacks {which I dislike very much}. I definitely did break a sweat, so that is a good thing. Mind you I gained 2lbs from Sunday but I have a feeling that a lot of it is water weight. 
There is more snow here in Canada...even though it ain't stickin'...it definitely feels like it is Fall and that Winter is around the corner. 
I posted quite a few editorials yesterday but I know that I have to get my butt in gear and post more different things. 
I do want to share interviews that I have read in some magazines or online...particularly one with Tosca Reno. 
She recently lost her husband, Robert Kennedy, founder of Robert Kennedy publishing who is a huge part of my favourite magazine; Oxygen. He died from lung cancer on the 12th of April, I believe. 
Here is a little YouTube video of him below.

He was seriously loved by all in the fitness world and he took the time to write to his readers/subscribers of his mags...he even wrote to me once when I desperately emailed him asking what I need to do, what I need to change to become the best version of myself that I can be. He told me simply {and quite effectively} to eat clean and then hit the iron. 
He told me if I don't do this that I will gain more and become even more unhappy, it took me a while before I actually realized what he meant...but I do know now. 
He was very sweet in his email to me. 
Regardless, may he rest in peace. 

The new issue of Oxygen with Elaine Goodlad on the cover was to come out last Tuesday but for some reason didn't hit newsstands. I am wondering if they are going to do a tribute issue {which I think would be a good idea} and re-release the issue today {fingers crossed}.
Definitely should have been out when they say because the mag is published in Ontario where Bob and Tosca live. 
I wonder if Tosca will stay in Ontario or move. 
I hope her and her family are getting all the support they can get through this difficult time in their lives. It must be devastating. Bob was the one that helped Tosca with her rise to fame. I am glad though that he got recognized and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Classic this past year. 

Anyways, I am going to blog some more later and of course post recipes as I have mentioned, for now I gotta get my ass up, eat something and do a workout. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday so far. :) 


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