Friday, August 10, 2012


This is an old post that I wrote after my friend Kev told me I gotta start posting again...and I never hit "publish"!! So here it's from last week or something. Lol. 

I have been hiding from the Internet be quite honest it has been quite refreshing - not as much drama at all...but it is nice to be able to check back in. I will be changing some social networking things - ousting Facebook and whatnot but of course will keep my baby - this blog. ;) 
My best buddy told me I haven't blogged in about a week and probably should get on it so here I am. 
This past week has been a busy one...the last three weeks have been a roller coaster. Emotionally for sure...not to mention stressful. A last minute vacation with the boyfriend; you must be thinking what is so irksome about that ~ but booking things last minute can prove tricky. A new vehicle purchase as well. Lots of appointments. Anxiety. 
Oh and a new job ~ I am happy to report! :) I found out on Thursday and it was a great start to mine and my boyfriend's camping trip...although it was quickly forgotten, lol. I catch myself remembering that I have a job now and it's like I am finding out all over again. Haha. 
Camping was quite eventul...we went to Point Farms in Goderich, Ontario where I went as a little girl with my fambam every Summer. I loved going there - I still do. It has been several years since I have been there so going there the past three days was quite nostalgic and overall entertaining. I enjoyed myself immensely...although camping can be a pain in the ass if you aren't prepared and my boyfriend and I can be quite unorganized. :/ 
But I really enjoyed of the things that I almost did - but didn't do - and realize that I HAVE to do next time I am on the beach is falling asleep there on the sand. Omg. It was amazing just laying there and nearly dozing off...probably because we slept on the ground in the tent the night before and that was horrible {lots of rocks - no mattress - don't ask} but anyways - sleeping on the beach...the sound of the water, the warmth, the breeze, the smells and a bit of Bryan Adams playing in the background? Heavenly. :) I loved it. I need to actually fall asleep next time. ;)
So we got back into town early this morning before heading out to Toronto to see my Sister. Long overdue for a visit that is for sure. It was well worth it and I had a great time - it always goes by so fast. She is an amazing hairdresser and does my hair on these trips - next time I have to go so we can just chillax together; not do anything except gossip and veg out in front of the couch. :))
I had a great time. Cut a little short as Trav and I were exhausted from the last few in our lovely, warm, miraculously comfortable bed {!!!} and am slowly falling asleep here. 
I love camping...but there is something about a tempurpedic California King bed and air conditioning. :P
I could keep going on and on about our trip - but you got the gist of it.
I had a fantastic time and wish we could have spent more time up there...on the way back from Toronto I suggested to the boyfriend we just grab a change or two of clothes, jump back into the truck and just drive to the next big city and stay overnight. That didn't happen but it is nice to dream. Lol. 
Maybe we will go somewhere tomorrow. 
Anyone have any suggestions as to where to visit around in Ontario? 
Hope you all are having a fabulous and safe long weekend. 


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