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My Friday "Partaaaaay" Night...JGL, Dean Koontz, antibiotics, medicated nasal spray and such after being diagnosed yesterday with a respiratory tract infection and infected eardrum and congested...well, head in general pretty much.

Random Ramblings

Wow...what an intense last few days...they have been quite busy and quite eventful to say the least. First of all, I finally got a job ~ I may have mentioned that not too long ago but I started on Wednesday and I am loving it! My bosses are some of the nicest people I have met and I really enjoy working alongside feels like hanging out with friends to be honest...I am very excited to work for them and for this business to really flourish. It’s going to be great! 
I have also come to the realization ~ well, it isn’t really anything new ~ that you can’t please everyone and not only that but you can’t be friends with everyone. I tried recently reconnecting with an old ‘friend’ if you will...just because in the past a lot of shit got between us ~ our own differences as well as people and it hurt our friendship or what was left of it from over the really isn’t salvageable right now...but I sorta wanted to let her know that it was unfortunate that all this bullshit came between us...not only that, because it is obvious that we don’t have much in common at all but i guess my own allow myself to become so malleable when it came to believing everyone else's opinions over listening to my own and just being an angry person in general the past year...lots of shit has gone down and I took it out on the wrong people at times...anyways, I do really wish her all the best and all great things in the future as well. Everyone deserves to be happy...but it is sort of obvious she doesn’t want to chat and that is cool...I tried! I can’t really do much else but move on...
I have also realized who my true friends are over the past few weeks...or month maybe...there are {or rather were} people in my life that I really thought were on my turns out that these particular few never sucks...because I was duped - if you will. I wish these people all the best as well...but I know that if I love myself than I cannot let these people back into my life to manipulate me any longer. 
Like my Mom said...not everyone is going to like you...sometimes it is just not meant to be...and to move on and just remember those that do love you and have your back. 
Of course people make mistakes in the past...several times...all you can do is forgive...I forgive all the people in my past...I have come to realize that there is no point or reason in holding a isn’t good for the heart!
So - that is what has been on my mind the past few days...

Loving work. Here is our office. ;)  

Anyways, moving on...
Today was the CanFitPro show in Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre...I got a pair of tickets from Tosca Reno’s website...I was really looking forward to going as I am into all this health and wellness business lately again and I was eager to meet Tosca as well...take pictures ~ get autographs and see all the neat things the boyfriend and I got ready and off to Toronto we went...unfortunately when we got there ~ there was only about another 2 or so hours left of the show...and we legit {and not even exaggerating here} could not find any parking...we went all over the place...but unfortunately the car that we went in to get there - which happens to be my boyfriends new truck was way too big and too tall...we couldn’t get into any of the underground parking and a lot of the parking attendant people wouldn’t allow us to park in their lots outdoors as we were “too big”...and they probably could fit two cars instead of just us. Even if there blatantly were parking spots available they wouldn’t allow us to park. It was ridiculous! I was quite that time...there wasn’t much time left and we had no choice but to leave...I was so sad...I was really excited for this show and looking forward to it...
I guess I can’t really have a pity party about it right now...what is the sense? But i decided to vent anyways...

I was watching Oprah’s Next Chapter shenanigans on OWN last night with her interview with lady gaga...which was interesting...although gaga is a little loopy and Oprah can be quite annoying but anyways ~ that is beside the point...there was a part where Gaga’s Mom took out her {Gaga's} old gratitude journal out to share ~ apparently O had a show on back in the day telling people to keep a gratitude journal...Oprah then said something; that people can change and make a difference...and it starts with gratitude...of course people have their own opinions...but gratitude definitely should be a big part of everyones daily lives...I have been told in the past to practise gratitude...and sometimes I just didn’t because I thought what I was grateful for was just silly materialistic things or I just sounded like a broken record...but from what I doesn’t matter...Gaga wrote she was grateful for friends and family and even I decided that I am going to try this daily gratitude thing again...and I am going to post my daily gratitude on here as well whenever i post...
I definitely think it is something everyone should be doing...
So let me start today...

*Things I Am Grateful For - August 18th, 2012*

This was a taken randomly and turned out great!

1. Even though a bit overweight {not that I am not grateful for it in general} ~ a body that allows me to push it to the max...we were able to push through an hour and a half of weight training today...even though in the beginning it was hard getting into it...I ended up kicking my own ass in the end. 

2. A boyfriend that is sweet...I am going to openly admit here that when I say I was upset about the CanFitPro show I mean that I was seriously upset...meaning I legit cried in the boyfriend was sweet and there for me and promised me we would go to the next one...or at least find out when Tosca’s next appearance is and go from there...he tried to make me feel better and he did...besides, he did say something that made sense...Ava Cowan is supposed to be my first fitness idol I meet. ;)) 

3. A freezer - ice cold water is amazing especially after a dinner of piping-hot chicken noodle soup. 

4. Glasses - I am blind as a bat {not really that bad}...but I am grateful for them! Hahah.

5. Hot have hot baths whenever I am having a shitty or stressful day.

Miss my angel.

6. Pictures...whenever I am having a particularly hideous day or even great day I always wish I could share it with Skiusz...I am grateful that I am a self-proclaimed papparazo and take pictures like crazy - therefore I have so many of my baby...and I can look at him whenever I am feeling down and his precious little face puts a smile on mine.

7. True friends...I have some truly amazing friends - they are very few and far between...and I know some amazing people...ones that I thought never put a second thought when it came to me but then I realize that i really do sit in the back of their minds and they do care! I got some of the most thoughtful ‘welcome back’ gifts when I started working again at the U...and one friend in particular that ALWAYS has my back...and is always there to listen and puts up with my whiney-ass bitching {especially lately} and my PMS. You know who you are. :)) 

That’s all for now...and of family...there isn’t a day that doesn’t go by where I am not grateful for them...for my Dad who watches my back Mom who listens all the time and my Sister who reminds me of what and who I am and to be proud. ;)) 

Anywho - that is all for now folks...a little journal entry of sorts if you to copy and paste and proofread as I wrote this in pages...
This will be interesting as I am half falling asleep so I might just post this tomorrow. 

Happy Weekend Lovelies. 

Truck fit just fine in the Doctor's office parking lot...apparently Toronto has smaller parking spaces??? 

Peeeeyuuuu....Pepe Lepew decided to spray right outside my window - that is strong! Sheesh!


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