Monday, September 03, 2012


What a weekend ~ well first of all, let me say what a last few weeks...or rather, what a month! August definitely brought about some new changes. Things are really starting to look up and things are going great. 
I am loving my new job, my bosses are pretty fantastic people {better then at my last job, lol} and Trav and I are exploring more and more of Ontario and I am grateful for the fantastic friends that I do have...and I have also realized who my actual friends are. 

The labour day long weekend was a busy one - a fun one. Trav and I ~ along with our friend Tom ~ went up North for about four days-isk to go camping in Pointe Au Barille...a placed called Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park. 
To be quite honest we all thought that the drive up there was about 2.5 hours but in actuality it took about 4+ hours because Google Maps decided to lie to us. :/ Ugh. I am pretty sure everyone had a moment of pure, quiet seething. I was quite close to just saying "screw it, lets just go to a hotel or something for the night, party and go home" - but we did end up there at around midnight - woke up half the campers but overall it was pretty great. The weather was fantastic too! 

One of Trav's favourite things - camp fires. :) 

Some beverages.

Some little islands.

The first thing you see in the morning when you wake up. 

A little traffic on the 400.

Our little private beach. So nice.

Found a shortcut to and from the washroom - look at happy handsome Trav!

Little sunset.

Mr. Lumber Man.

My favourite kind of sand in the water.

I didn't put a picture of Tom on here because he would probably kick my ass - but anyways. It was a good time for sure. I would have loved to go to Goderich, but Sturgeon Bay was nice - not a whole lot that went on over there...oh and it was my first time {along with Travis'} time was scary, but fun! I got a bit of a tan and read 2 books, had wine, relaxed, enjoyed the fire and the sleeping wasn't too bad...although one night I did wake up in the middle of the night and didn't feel the greatest...I thought the anxiety was going to creep up so I just thought to myself that I could always go and sleep in the cool truck with the AC on or something and all would be good.
Now we are just tired. I think we need a long weekend from our long weekend. 

So it may seem like I am rambling in this post - because I probably am. But just wanted to check in and will be posting some editorials tomorrow or something. Back to work tomorrow and I don't mind! Lol. 

Hope everyone had a safe and spectacular long weekend. 
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