Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I am sure that all of you have heard about the new iPhone 5 coming out this Friday {September 21st}. Now I am not one that is completely and utterly tech-savvy, nor do I really obsess over things like this but I NEED this phone! Probably because my 4 is sloooooowly on it's way out {buttons not cooperating}.  I think the reason why I feel like I need this phone is because it is my "lifeline"...I am one of those people that is obsessed with their phone. I have it on me 24/7 and it is attached to me wherever I go. It is also my communication to my family who live all over the place..not only my phone, but Skype, FaceTime, Twitter, Facebook, my blog, Tumblr, email...everything. So it is perfect that I have this little portable thing to take with me everywhere and I can stay connected to them.
I want the 64gb white one...
Anyways...this is what has been {mainly} on my mind lately as well as just trying to get motivated to get back to the gym...yes ladies and gents, I have strayed yet again.
On another note, I am loving my job and am really enjoying learning new programs. Right now I am focusing on PhotoShop and Illustrator. I made some way cool plowers in Illustrator the other day, nothing too special but for me - it is amazing. Lol.
I know I have also strayed from the blogosphere so I am going to post at least once a day, even if it is something yea!
That is all.

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