Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Some style hits...and some major style losses.
Seems like Kate Middleton really can't do no wrong...same goes with everyone else that is on this list more then once. I definitely think that Kristen Stewarts look is my favourite. She looks effortlessly chic. The makeup, hair, clothes; everything is just perfection.
And here are some major style losers...
What is with Lindsay Lohan's lips? It looks almost cartoonish. :/ Demi Lovato...just not a good look for her shape. Katy Perry looks like a bum...Nicole Richie got it wrong...for the first time ever I think?
The worst look by far is Kim Kardashians white and black "graphic" number. WTF. Her boobs look like they are not even a part of her body. She soooo got it wrong there.
I just can't even look at these outfits anymore. I thought these people had stylists!?!
That is enough of my ranting for now. Lol!
Its new magazine day btw!!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!
Ps. A little random...but anyone getting the iPhone 5? I NEED this phone. :(
Also...I want Housewives of Vancouver back. :'( TEARS!
{Source: People StyleWatch}

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