Friday, September 07, 2012


Wow. Did I ever lie there yesterday when I said that I was going to be posting editorials. Lol. This week has been alright...lots of ups and downs...or rather, nothing really new going on. I am having some struggles with regards to dropping this weight and just staying motivated. 
I did receive a tweet from Ava Cowan as soon as I woke up this morning which made my freakin' morning! Then I saw something that somewhat upset me on Facebook by a supposed 'friend'. I guess you win some, you lose some. It sucks when people stop talking to you out of the blue. I guess there really is no sense in trying to figure certain things out ~ especially when you know in your heart that you didn't do a damn thing. It really is unfortunate...especially when you trust someone. I mean, I have had my share of friends that have broken my trust ~ you just move on. You do tend to become more guarded though when meeting new people, then when you least expect it, after opening up once again, they are able to surprise you.
Need to learn to move on I guess. Especially since so many new opportunities have arisen and bigger and better things are waiting for me. 

Am I glad for the weekend. The long weekend was certainly busy with camping but lots of fun. This weekend I plan on just being uber lazy. Blog & such. My new job is going absolutely fantastic. My bosses took me out to lunch on Wednesday to Hockey Sushi. I have never really had sushi...other then the stuff {crap?} I get from Zehr's...I was a little apprehensive as I have never really tried Japanese food but O~M~G. It was amazing! Some of the most delicious stuff I have had in quite a long time! It was such a great lunch going out with them, chatting and eating fantastic food. 
So I plan on taking Trav there this weekend. :) 

Other then that, not much going on here on my end...will just share some pics with you and then I gotta start my work day. ;) 

Some fantastic sushi. The shrimps in the middle {Teriyaki Shrimps} were my favourite. The crispy rolls were to die for and the panko breaded shrimps were so good as well. It was all freakin' fantastic!!

At the University Centre where I work lots of people come by to sell their things. There is an Asian couple that come a couple of times a year and have the most amazing and unique jewelry pieces. I found these 2 finds yesterday. They are gorgeous! Thanks Stan the Man! ;)

AM wake-up call from my boss. Skinny Solo Pumpkin Spiced Latte. ;) So good!

My Sister sent this to me the other day. Chichi and I when he was a baby. I miss him so. <3 font="font">

Kevin tends to spoil Travis and I on a regular basis and this was no exception. Here is a game-played & signed Wendel Clark hockey stick. This one is definitely going up in Travis' man cave once we move. 

Happy Friday everyone. ;) 


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