Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Gah! I didn't post yesterday! I know I know. Oops. Was rather busy. I finally got my iPhone 5 {YAY} and I love it...but I am having issues with my data and wifi. Which is unfortunate and I hope that it gets resolved I don't have too much time to exchange it...and there really isn't any out there since they've basically been sold out. So fingers crossed for me.
Other then that, I have been back at the gym. Yesterday was chest and shoulders day, Monday was legs and today will be back and abs. My favourite is arms...I love doing that. So today I will look for a series of 8 sets to pump out tonight at the gym. Eating as healthy as I can as that is a bonus. :) Already lost 1lb the past 2 days!
There is also a contest coming up to win a 12 week transformation with Ava Cowan so I am working on sending that away to her. I would LOVE to win. That would be amazing.
What else, what else...not too is Wednesday and the weekend is coming up where my Sister will be down for a visit..maybe we will go out for sushi. But yea...that is all. Lol.


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