Monday, September 24, 2012


We should be eating the freshest of vegetables! If your Grandparents didn't eat it, then you shouldn't either!
So...I am quite excited to be starting school soon. I will be taking holistic nutrition. Something that interests me a great deal other then fashion, lol. I also think it is going to help me become more self aware of the decisions I make regarding my own health and the health of those closest to me.
It's a tricky subject. This health thing. Everyone thinks that what they are doing is just fine - eating junk and whatnot as long as it is in moderation. That's so not true. We shouldn't be eating man made fats and all this processed crap in our regular diets. A piece of dark chocolate, glass of red wine or small portion of red meat is moderation. Not fried chicken and pizza.
It was funny - I heard someone say the other day that this particular person they know is obsessed with exercising. Obsessed!
I was just about to say "obsessed is what the lazy call the determined". And it's the truth. I find that people try and find every possible excuse in the book to lead sedentary lifestyles.
Their physical limitations, they are too busy, eating healthy is too expensive. I mean what a pile of horse shit! These are not just excuses! These are reiterations to yourself and everyone else that you'd just rather sit on your bum in front of the tv then do something healthy for yourself.
I am not gunna lie. I have been guilty of this as well in the past and motivation can sometimes be a pain in the ass to grasp but it should be looked as a lifestyle. No ifs ands or buts!
Tosca Reno - the Clean Eating lady! You can pick up her books to get a kickstart on this whole clean eating thing or pick up the magazine!

Not only do we need motivation but we also need determination. We need to stay determined in achieving our goals. Geeze - if you want to eat an entire cheesecake in one sitting after reaching your goal then go for it! But I am pretty sure that you won't want to. Once you begin eating clean you experience a myriad of differences in how you feel about yourself, emotionally and physically. How your clothes fit - and this boosts confidence too! It's completely 100% true when people say you feel fantastic after a workout because you simply do. Your body is thanking you for pushing it to the limits. Just like our minds can get bored so can our bodies. They just tell us in different ways. Aches and pains. Not able to do one push up. Huffing and puffing up one flight of stairs. If you experience this it isn't because you have limitations. It is because you're eating like crap and you'd rather watch another episode of The Big Bang Theory instead of going for a walk.
It really is hard to get yourself into a routine because you do get off track at times but there really shouldn't be any excuse not to at least go for a walk or do some body weight exercises during commercial breaks if anything!
I am getting back into health(ier) eating tomorrow and to the gym once again and I know that when 5pm rolls around I will try to think of every possible excuse in the book not to go but it HAS to be done and once you have that mentality and you get yourself into that mindset then you are set and on your way to achieving your personal goals.
Once I start school I will be able to share more with you all the things I learn and some tidbits regarding eating clean and eating right for your mind, body and spirit and to lead a long and healthier life.
So yea...I am pretty excited. :)

On another note -
I didn't end up getting my phone on Friday. :( I really hope it comes in on Monday. So fingers crossed for me! I know. First world people problems.
And on another note from that -
Some people are just plain old meanies. So if you are going through some troubles with certain people in your life just know you're not the only one! Maybe I'll delve into this a little further in the future.

The weekend is flying by and drawing to a close and it's back to another week of work. Which I don't mind since I love where I work.
Maybe Trav and I will go for a walk or go to our local farmers market to pick some veggies up.

Happy Sunday lovelies!
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