Friday, September 21, 2012


If you know me, then you will know that I am obsessed with smell-goods. OBSESSED! I am constantly on the hunt for some great candles, fantastic sprays - I am even a perfume addict and hoard so many different scents. Because it all depends on your mood for the day as to what you are going to wear on your skin. Of course there are certain smells that are off-limits depending on the season. For example, things like vanilla bean, pinecones, cinnamon, Chanel are for Winter. Pumpkin, caramel, apple, Gucci Rush 2 are strictly for Fall.
So on and so forth. You get the gist of it.
And my favourite season for smell-goods is Fall. I adore Fall scents. Probably my favourite by far - although Christmas is a close second.
So I patiently wait until Bath and Bodyworks {the best smell-good store of life} releases their Fall collection.
And they finally have! So here are a few things that I am going to be picking up immediately to make myself ~ and my living room ~ smell fantastic!

These are a few that I want to pick up and if I do I will go back and edit and let you know what they actually smell like.
Their 3-wick candles are some of the best when comparing to candle companies like Yankee Candles. They last quite a while and your entire place smells amazing!
I can only imagine how this smells! Probably perfect! Great to put on a chilly night with a cup of cocoa...pretending your out there by a fire roasting some marshmallows. ;)
I know that I said that cinnamon is the Winter/Christmas scent but when it comes to baked goods, I mean...come on. I'll let this one slide. ;) 
Omg. I want to eat that cupcake.
One of those best things about Fall is when Starbucks releases their Pumpkin Spiced Latte...and this one sounds just as good. I can only imagine how delightful this ones smells ~ and caramel too! Yumm.
I love when the leaves turn colour in the Fall. I have an idea what this might smell like...but not 100%...we'll see when I hit the store up.
Good ol' Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin ~ their most popular scent.
I wanna go picking for apples now! This one must smell so fresh. I really need to say anything? Lol.
If this smells anything like the apple crumble that my Mom makes then everyone is in for a real treat! Although when my Mom makes apple crumble it was during the cold Wintery months around Christmas time as a treat, so I might just save this one for the Winter. :)
I might try some spiced cider this year.
Spice. In general. A gorgeous layered smell.
Who doesn't want their house to legit smell like an Autumn day??
They are Fall.

This isn't your quintessential Fall scent, but what the what?! If this smells like a freaking french baguette then I am ALL over this like white on rice!
So these are just SOME of the candles that B&BW has out right now. It is going to be hard to choose my favourites but I think it can be done. As buying all of them is going to hurt the wallet a little bit...
I mean, 2 for $20 is quite the deal...but the numbers can start climbing there!
Make sure also to be careful...the 2 for $20 deal isn't always on and is usually fleeting before it goes back to their retail ~ regular ~ price, which is $19.50. So pick 'em up now!
Ps. Happy iPhone day. :P
{Source: Images from the Bath & Bodyworks Website.}


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