Monday, September 23, 2013


I realize that I haven't been on here in quite some time and I have to divulge in something...I've been cheating...on blogger, I must confess.
I just can't help it...I really can't...
I am addicted to Pinterest!
I can sit on that thing for hours and hours! And I DO! I will go to bed at around 9:30pm and tell myself I will spend 15-20 minutes on the damn thing and I'll then glance over at the clock and quickly realize that I have spent a good 2 hours on the disgustingly enslaving web site. 
Okay, it isn't disgusting, it's preposterously satisfying. 
To be quite honest it can be inspiring. The images and quotes you come across can spark quite the floodgates of virtuosity in one's perception.
Basically meaning my so-called "writers/creative block" went out the back door along with those 2-3 hours of my life furiously click-click-clicking, pin-pin-repinning. 
I am not exactly sure why Pinterest makes me ridiculously jolly ~ but it does. I am going to chalk it up to the fact that it is my own virtual bulletin board of lovely things. 
I have my own bulletin board at home of inspiring, rapturous things that just make me happy but Pinterest you have on the go. 
Your go-to happy place in the palm of your hand, or in your pocket. 
Well, literally in your pocket, on your iPhone. 
Anyways...that is what I have been doing...cheating on you, Blogger. 

Yesterday I tried out a new recipe that my Mom had sent over to me from the blog The Novice Chef. And let me tell you, the kitchen never smelt so fabulous! Honestly...

Yum masterpiece!

Yea, that's the Chicken Caprese...yumyum. Four big juicy chicken breasts, some 2 pints of poppable grape tomatoes, 4 cloves local super fragrant garlic cloves, 10 giant basil leaves; finely chopped and some delicious buffalo mozzarella. 
On top of some "stringy" {spaghettini} pasta...which Travis dislikes immensely but he got over it as soon as this plate was put in front of him. Oh yea. ;) 
Healthy and delightful!
Well, more healthy if you don't use refined white pasta. Keep that in mind.

Tonight, I will be trying a new recipe from my new cookbook by Ali Larter, "Kitchen Revelry". 
Quite excited to try it. I have my go-to chili recipe that I make time and time again that I found a while ago on the AllRecipes site - "It's Chili by George" that is pretty much famous in the internet world and I have tweaked to my own liking but I want to try something I will post this new recipe in a new post. :) 

Happy Monday! 
And welcome back, to me. ;)
Until Pinterest gets me back in it's grasp. 


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