Monday, August 26, 2013


Happy Name Day to Me!

In Poland we celebrate Name Day's...and today, the 26th of August, it's my Name Day! I am not going to get into it...but a lot of people have forgotten it's my Name Day and that is all I am going to say on the matter! Lol. 
Anyways...other than the month of May {because it's my month of birth...duh} I think my favorite month is September...or maybe it's I'm not so sure.
But anyways! 
September is almost like, the New Year. I know that January IS THEE New Year but September is where all the magic happens. All the "Fall Fashion Fatties" come out, the new books are released, artists release their new albums around this time, designers come out with their craziest collections ~ things just *happen* in September. 
So it shouldn't come as a surprise that there is a *boatload* of cookbooks that are going to be released within the next few months...not all of them are going to be released in September but many of them will be along with announcements of their release dates. 
This is quite an exciting time! Not only cookbooks but novels that I have been waiting over a year to be released! GAH. 
Anyways...I now you guys are going to go crazy over these things too, but here are a few things that will be released over the next 2-3 months. 

Giada's Feel Good Food: My Healthy Recipes and Secrets - $21.95

Release Date: November 5, 2013. 
I love Giada....I really used to not like her, which may come as a shock to some people. Lol. She used to drive me bonkers when I watched her on TV but now I have a serious obsession. Probably because she shows me that you can love food, be crazy successful, a celebrity chef and totally fit!

{Excerpt Taken From Amazon}
Food Network’s most beautiful star reveals her secrets for staying fit and feeling great in this gorgeous, practical book with healthy recipes including nutritional information, and personal lifestyle and beauty tips.
Finally answering the question her fans ask most often, “How do you stay so trim?,” Giada De Laurentiis shares the delicious easy recipes and tips she uses to maximize energy and remain fit. Here are 120 recipes for breakfasts, juices, lunches, snacks, dinners, and desserts that can be combined into 30 days of delicious feel-good meals. So that everyone can enjoy these dishes, many are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and/or vegan, with helpful icons to call them out—and, for the very first time, each recipe includes a calorie count and nutritional analysis. Special sections delve into Giada's everyday life, including her beauty and exercise routines, how she satisfies sugar fixes, what’s always in her bag, and her ordering tips for eating in restaurants. With 100 color photographs, Giada’s Feel Good Food is a beautiful guide to staying on track while still eating everything and enjoying life to its fullest.

Back to Basics: 100 Simple Classic Recipes with a Twist - $16.00

Release Date: September 3, 2013.
I'm starting to get a little muddled with regards to my cooking...and that's why I think I need to get back to basics and find a cookbook that does just that. That's why I think this would be perfect. A simple, basic, classic cooking - cookbook. 
By none other than my fave Canadian chef, Michael Smith. 

{Excerpt From Amazon}
Chef Michael goes back to basics—with a twist! Back to Basics features 100 simple and delicious classic recipes, ingredients, and cooking techniques. And in every recipe, Chef Michael shows how easy it is to add a twist or two to your cooking. You’ll never get stuck making a dish just one way!
Chock full of mouth-watering photography to inspire you, Back to Basics is all about Chef Michael’s simple approach to cooking basics. Once you under­stand the elements behind a dish, you can then stir your own personality into your cooking. You’ll see how easy it is to impress family and friends in your own kitchen. And once you know the basic rules, you can break them.
Chef Michael’s passionate commitment to cooking simple, classic recipes will inspire and guide you to lots of great new flavours in your kitchen!

At Home with Lynn Crawford: 200 of My Favourite Easy Recipes - $20.06

Release Date: September 17, 2013
Lynn Crawford is definitely another one of my favourite chefs, growing up watching her on Restaurant Makeover - she is hilarious and it's obvious that she is beyond passionate about food. Can't wait to find out what she has in store in her second cookbook. 

{Excerpt From Amazon}
Chef Lynn Crawford is passionate about cooking in her busy restaurant, but when she has time off, nothing beats cooking for family and friends in her own kitchen. Simple, real home cooking that’s full of great flavour is the secret to Crawford’s favourite everyday recipes that she serves at home.
Here, she offers sure-fire recipes that she makes over and over because they’re crowd-pleasingly delicious and keep things easy in the kitchen. From Sunday brunches to grilling to cocktails and desserts, Chef Lynn has got you covered. You’ll find a wide variety of one-pot dishes such as Smoked Salmon and Potato Chowder and perfect sweets like Banana Fritters with Coconut and Coffee Caramel Sauce. At Home with Lynn Crawford includes beauti­ful photography of the finished recipes to inspire you to keep it simple and enjoy time in your kitchen.

Week in a Day - $18.17 

Release Date: October 22, 2013
I JUST saw this as I was posting Lynn Crawford's book. OMG. Rachel Ray was never my favorite chef until my friend Kev picked up her last cookbook for me and now I am *obsessed*. Her cookbooks are amaze-balls. They are so simple and fantastic to follow. They are FULL-blown colour and literally...LITERALLY step-by-step. I can't even describe right now how excited I am that she decided to release another cookbook that follows her last one. I'm jumping for joy inside right now. 

{Excerpt From Amazon}
Relax with a tasty meal after a busy day. Enjoy your evenings around the dinner table with your friends and family. Sound too good to be true? Not if you plan your Week in a Day. Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day, the companion book to her hit cooking show of the same name, offers more than two hundred recipes that will help you prepare five nights’ worth of meals in a single day. The woman who taught America how to make a meal in 30 minutes is sharing more of her practical and easy tips that will have you eating well for days to come! 

Each week features its own theme, including From a Taco to Morocco, A Chicken in Every Pot, and Stew on This, allowing your taste buds to travel around the world with dishes such as Chicken and Chorizo Spanish Enchiladas, Argentine Chili with Chimichurri, and Zinfully Delicious Short Ribs.

In addition, Rachael shows you how to fit all the groceries you need for three fabulous meals into a single bag with her special section, 1 Grocery Bag, 3 Meals. And you can enjoy bonus content and extra recipes for side dishes by scanning the QR codes displayed throughout. When the weekend rolls around, this book has everything you need to get ready for your Week in a Day. Come Monday night, you’ll be glad you did!

Kitchen Revelry: A Year of Festive Menus from My Home to Yours - $23.51

Release Date: September 10, 2013
I know they say you can't judge a book by it's cover...but I'm judging this book by it's cover and I wanna be Ali Larter right now! 
Seriously...I want to publish my own cookbook one day and I want to be on the cover and look as effortlessly chic, glam, fit and ready to dig in to my delicious meal as Miss. Larter does! 

{Excerpt From Amazon}
Ali Larter is a busy actress, well known for her roles on NBC show Heroes and in movies such as Varsity Blues and Legally Blonde. But when not on set, she is usually throwing a dinner party or entertaining at home. In fact, Ali has been cooking and entertaining all her life, and in an instant, she can whip together a wonderful meal, whether it’s for a family Sunday brunch, a spontaneous Super Bowl party, or an elegant (but not stuffy) New Year’s Eve dinner. Her parties seem effortless, but it hasn't always been that easy for her. In fact, at Ali’s first dinner party, she made the common rookie mistake of putting too much pressure on herself to make things perfect. Needless to say, with hungry guests, a burned hand, a broken air conditioner, and a mouse scampering across her fourth-floor New York City walk-up, the night ended in disaster.

Through the years of trial and error, Ali has learned that while looking effortless takes some effort, cooking is not about being perfect—it's about having a great time! And now she’s eager to share her passion and knowledge for cooking, collecting her favorite go-to menus into this wonderful cookbook: from her jalapeƱo cheddar cornbread to crab pots with lemon caper dip, lamb chop lollipops, strawberry mint cake, and for thirsty revelers, her eucalyptus gin martinis.

Ali's mouthwatering recipes and inspiring party ideas are broken down by month so you can take her lead through the seasons with celebrations such as an October Harvest Party, a January Detox, and a July Americana BBQ. Brimming with charm, beautiful and intimate photos, and Ali's personal touch as a perfectly disheveled, sassy, effortless host, Kitchen Revelry will enliven and inspire your celebrations for years to come.

Michael Symon's 5 in 5: 5 Fresh Ingredients + 5 Minutes = 120 Fantastic Dinners - $14.43

Release Date: September 3, 2013
Of course I am going to try and find a cookbook where you all you need is simple ingredients and only a few of them to make a delicious meal. This book reminds me a lot of Claire Robinson's "Five Ingredient Fix" {where did she go by the way?}. 
Love Michael Symon too btw, and he's on The Chew with my fave Daphne Oz! :) 

{Excerpt From Amazon}
With his boisterous laugh and Midwestern charm, Michael Symon has become one of the most beloved cooking personalities on television. For ABC's The Chew, he developed a brilliant, simple formula to help home cooks pull together fresh, from-scratch meals on weeknights: a maximum of five fresh ingredients that cook in five minutes. This cookbook ties into the segment, featuring dazzlingly quick, satisfying dinners that the whole family will love.
     Michael first teaches readers how to set up their pantries with essentials that make whipping up dinner easy. Then he shares 120 recipes for pastas, skillet dinners, egg dishes, grilled mains, kebabs, foil packets, and sandwiches illustrated in 75 photographs. This is streamlined cooking for busy families and firmly solves the "what's for dinner?" conundrum for home cooks everywhere.

Monsters: The Ashes Trilogy - $15.16
Release Date: September 10th, 2013
If you haven't read the first two books...DO IT. NOW.
This seriously had me from Chapter 1. I immediately gave it to my Mom to read as soon as I was done and now she can't even wait until this book is out.

{Excerpt From Amazon}
The Changed are on the move. The Spared are out of time. The now. 

When her parents died, Alex thought things couldn't get much worse--until the doctors found the monster in her head.

She headed into the wilderness as a good-bye, to leave everything behind. But then the end of the world happened, and Alex took the first step down a treacherous road of betrayal and terror and death.

Now, with no hope of rescue--on the brink of starvation in a winter that just won't quit--she discovers a new and horrifying truth.

The Change isn't over.
The Changed are still evolving.
And...they've had help.

With this final volume of The Ashes Trilogy, Ilsa J. Bick delivers a riveting, blockbuster finish, returning readers to a brutal, post-apocalyptic world where no one is safe and hope is in short supply.

A world where, from these ashes, the monsters may rise. 

Allegient by Veronica Roth - $15.87
Release Date: October 22, 2013
This trilogy is kick-ass. When I read the second back {the last one} I seriously was so P.O'd when I found out I would have to wait foreverrrrr for the third book to come out!!! I've been waiting nearly a year now for Allegiant. I am not sure if I am going to see Divergent in theatres or not but trust me, these books are awesome and I highly recommend them and can't wait until Allegiant comes out...just another 2 monthish to go!

{Excerpt From Amazon}

What if your whole world was a lie?

What if a single revelation—like a single choice—changed everything?

What if love and loyalty made you do things you never expected?

I know the release dates are all over the place. I told you that they would be. That's what's so great about September though, like I said...all the new great things are coming out! 
And these are just books! We haven't even touched upon new music, Fall fashions, new scents, magazines, up and coming trends! 
Oh how I love you September! :) 
What are you guys looking forward to this Fall? 



  1. I am looking forward to the fall, it's so much easier to wear clothes.


  2. Lol! I agree! Fall is definitely my favourite! Now just need to save up my pennies for some great sweaters! :D