Thursday, August 15, 2013


This is my photo of the day...
I get really excited for, realllly into it...but before I become quite infatuated with that holiday I get slightly fanatical about Hallowe'en. I am a Fall girl after all. I think it's the combination of it all. Autumn, the colours, the scents, the food, the whole before I start going Fall-kerrrrazy...which I am going to start doing even though it's mid-August I am going to take a moment and share a Winter-esque photo of the day. 

Now you may be wondering *WHY* in "SEVEN HELLS" {hahah, like what I did there Game of Thrones nerds?} am I doing this in the ass-end of Summer? 
Well...because last year nothing felt like anything...Hallowe'en didn't feel like Hallowe'en...Christmas came and was really disappointing for me. I couldn't get into the spirit of anything and it really made me...forlorn. Especially Christmas...even though I decorated a bit earlier then usual I just didn't get drawn into the spirit of the season and this year I really want to do that. I want to bake, I want to share in the enthusiasm, I want to go to the parades, I want to dress up for Hallowe'en, I want to go to Fall fairs...I just want to participate in all of it as much as I can... 
I am not going to go ballistic in day to day life right *now*, whip out the Fall decorations just yet, but I will begin sharing some Autumnal recipes and pepper the blog with some Halloween'y things and Sugar-jar is in for some seasonal craziness for sure. ;) 
And Christmas won't start November 1st...but maybe the 10th... ;) 

Now, I am not by any means a "Winter" girl...meaning my body doesn't do well in cold temperatures. I am not sure what my parents were thinking when I was in my Mom's belly, they should have picked up on my telekinetic powers telling them to either stay put in Italy or move to the Caribbean, but anyways...
I think I might need to invest in a temperature controlled bubble this year ~ but I must admit that a wintery wonderland does tug at my heart strings every Winter season and I really do hope that Mother Nature doesn't do what she did last year, which was +11C all throughout December...
I want some snow on Christmas Eve/Day.
Nothing beats waking up to a blanket of snow and just how quiet and peaceful the world can be on a crisp Winter's morning that lie's dormant. 

This is only the beginning...

Just another day...and it'll be Friday soon.


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