Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Where did the weekend go? 
It seriously flew by. But don't they always?
Sometimes they are a disappointment, but I won't delve into that. This weekend was a rather quiet one but a few things did get done around the apartment which was nice. This coming weekend should be a lot busier, which will make it go by even faster! 
Anyways, I did want to say that the recipe that's in the previous post is - quite frankly - delicious. I did try it and it was YUMMY. I didn't use the orrechiette, as for some reason the Zehr's in my area didn't carry it - what?? Well, it did, but for a small box they wanted $5. Seriously. So I used fusili. Just as good. 
It was just so flavourful, I definitely recommend you guys give the recipe a try. 

So, even though it's technically not Monday, it is...
Well, the feeling...
Blah day! 
Is it time to go home yet? 

Tova Wahlin by Carl Bengtsson for Fashion Gone Rogue.


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