Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I wrote this post yesterday as a means of motivation to myself...I was having a bit of a rough day and just been a bit down on myself as of late...I just need to move along a bit. Anyways, I wasn't really going to share, but I might as well. Who cares...it might help someone else get their big asses up off that couch and do something with their lives too. :P 
Then I will share some books that have interested me as I perused Chapters and Amazon...it's dangerous for me to go into that store or onto that site, seriously. 

Okay...so I rewrote the entire thing out and then I decided that I am not going to share after all, you may be wondering why...and it's because there are far too many nosy people in my life that would just *love* to know all the dirty little deets going on in my life right now to gossip about it. I really don't need that right now on top of everything that is going on.
So maybe I will share some other time...I just now that I need to motivate myself...and I have become fully aware of that now...and I need to get my shit together, figure out who my true friends are and aren't and focus on the positives and good in life and not the negative. Onward and upward - the bright future and not dwell on the past and things that can't be changed ever again!
So...onto the blog post...
Anyways, I am into a lot of self help books and I also need to read and educate myself on a lot of them anyways for school...so here are a few that have interested in along the way as I have been perusing Amazon the last few days religiously for some odd reason, reading so many reviews and just felt like sharing today. 
I wish it were a rainy day...just because...lol.
Rainy days are absolute perfection for curling up into a ball under a mammoth cozy blanket with a piping hot cup of tea and lemon {or a cup of broth is yummy too!} and a fantastic book. LOVE those days. 

"The Habit Change Workbook: How To Break Bad Habits and Form Good Ones" by James Claiborne - $20.03 CA
I was just going through lifestyle books when I came across this one. It interests me because lots of people have some habits that they aren't particularly fond of. This can be anything from biting your nails, to skipping the gym to waiting to the last possible minute to filling your gas tank in your car to...well, anything!!! I have some bad habits that I need to break from and I just find this book interest, because it isn't only a workbook but it explains the psychology behind these habits as well.
I'm curious about it, and it's something I'd be eager to learn about. 

"May Cause Miracles" by Gabrielle Bernstein - $16.89 CA
I have heard rave reviews about Gabrielle Bernstein's books, so why not go back to some of her first ones? Because I hear this one is her first two rolled into one.
This book and Gabrielle believes that simple, consistent shifts in our thinking and actions can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of our daily lives. This is an inspirational guide and an exciting plan for releasing fear and allowing gratitude, forgiveness and love to flow through us without fail.
It's a 40-day transformation guide and I personally would love to give this a shot. ;)

"Mindful Recovery" by Thomas Bien - $12.24 CA
I have heard many things about this book as well, it isn't just about addiction but a book on mindfulness and recovery from addictions not just from drugs but about addictions from food and pretty much anything else such as gaming, gambling, etc.
In learning about holistic nutrition I am going to have to learn how to deal with clients that have these sort of addictions with food and not just through diet but through psycho-spiritual {gambling, gaming, sexual, etc} and through the holistic aspect we need to take a look at the spiritual side of things as well so recovery isn't always rehab or AA or NA but spiritual healing and mindfulness.
I must say I have a bit of an addiction to food and honestly think about it 24/7 so maybe I can get a few pointers from this book. ;) 

"Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Living" by Pema Chodron - $12.96 CA
Pema's books are a huge hit...she has so many of them and they are inspirational and speak volumes to so many that read them. I have a few of her books and eventually would like to get my grubby hands on all of them. :) Okay...my hands aren't that grubby. ;) 

"Jamie's Italy" by Jamie Oliver - $23.91 CA
Okay okay...where the heck did this book come from amongst all the rest you may ask? Come on...this is me we are talking about! My book lists are never complete without a cookbook!
Jamie Oliver is another chef that I grew up watching, ever since his first show "The Naked Chef" came on Food Network. He was always fun to watch and it's been awesome seeing him become so famous. He's a fantastic chef and his food always looks so delicious and rustic. I am definitely a fan of his last cookbook "Jamie's Food Revolution" and even though this one may be a bit older, I know it won't disappoint as the theme, is...come on, Italy!! ;)

I have a never ending wish list of books - all the time...I am the nerdiest bookworm of life...just can't get enough of books, they make me the happiest. I could be completely content spending an entire day just sitting in a library or my own room of books. One day I hope to have a room in my own house just completely devoted to books and of course a large rustic-looking bookshelf in my huge kitchen with an array of gorgeous cookbooks. :) 
I don't think I will ever see myself going over to the "dark-side" :P of the tablet and e-books.
Just wanted to share these with you...that does not mean that you should buy them!! Cough cough! You know who you are!! Lol. 


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