Tuesday, August 20, 2013


In The Kitchen...

Something a little abnormal is happening in the fact that I am not too predisposed in trying new recipes this week. Don't ask me why, I am not quite entirely sure of it myself. 
Maybe it's just one of those weeks? Which is why I am grateful that I decided on making a large pot of chili the other night and I don't really have to put much thought into dinner this week. Although I must admit that I do have quite a hankering for crostini's and not your traditional run-of-the-mill Italian types that you must be thinking of. 
My Dad used to make the best types on baguettes when my Sister and I were growing up at home. They were on the freshest of breads, with just a tiny bit of butter, some mushrooms and mozzarella thrown on top and thrown into a toaster oven. Heaven! Of course I would massacre it and drench it in ketchup - but what else is new when you grow up in North America? 
Anyways...I think I might make that this weekend. 
As much as the boyfriend despises shrimp right now I am going to share this recipe with you *anyway* even though I might not make this anytime soon. 
Still, sounds ludicrously delicious. 
A little play on what my Dad used to make for us at home.

Bon Appetit!

Paprika Shrimp & Havarti Crostini
Prep: 10 min// Cook Time: 10 min // Yield: 24 Canapes

1 baguette
2 cups {500 mL} northern shrimps, cooked
1 tbsp {15 mL} orange zest
1/4 tsp {1 mL} ground paprika
1/4 cup {60 mL} fresh parsley, chopped
10 oz {300 g} Canada Havarti, sliced

Preheat grill to medium heat. Cut baguette in half lengthwise. Mix shrimp, zest, paprika and parsley. 

Divide mixture onto baguette halves. Cover with Havarti and place directly on grill. Cook 5-7 minutes till bread is crusty and cheese has melted. Slice and serve hot. 

Tips - Cheese alternatives: Canadian Swiss cheese, Cheddar, Mozzarella. 

See how simple!?!
And come on, anything that has cheese on it is simply delicious!!!
Crostini's are absolutely amazing and you can add anything to them. 
I might just make an array of different crostini's this weekend and try a bunch of new things and share with you guys what I think. For sure though the mushroom one is at the TOP of my list. :) 


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