Monday, April 21, 2014


I have been watching a lot of documentaries lately - one of them being Hungry for Change - that one also being my favorite that I have got the book. 
Now in the documentary there was a woman being interviewed whose name was Kris Carr - Kris was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on Valentine's Day of 2003 ~ stage IV cancer ~ Kris was confused as to what many of her doctors were telling her, so she finally decided to take what she calls the "watch and live" approach. After she was diagnosed, she turned to nutrition to give her immune system a boost…and to increase her longevity. She documented all of this in her docu-film, "Crazy Sexy Cancer". 
She took her disease to spread the word and begin her journey where she ignited a global wellness revolution that resonated with thousands of people. 
Many flocked to her books and lecture to learn how to look better, feel better, lose weight, nourish their spirits and have more energy, among other things. 
It was a Crazy Sexy revolution! 

I then began watching some of her YouTube videos and got hooked not only do I love her for being a strong, smart, funny and beautiful woman who kicked cancer's ass (!) but she is an animal lover through and through. There was a reason why I really liked her. ;) 

Kris Carr has an awesome website and blog that is chockfull of information and than I realized that she has her very own books!!
One of her books; 'Crazy Sexy Diet' is all about eating healthy and eating well for your body and mind and than there is her cookbook 'Crazy Sexy Kitchen' which is FILLED with over 100 plant-based recipes! PERFECT for me, I thought! Since I have embarked on a vegetarian challenge and might just stick with it forever! So will definitely need to know a few vegetarian recipes to try out. :) 

Anyways - Kris Carr is an incredibly inspiring woman. One that I hope to emulate. I want to be that green smoothie drinking, glowy, educated, strong woman! 
As well as write my own books and lead many to a 'healthy revolution'. :) All in good time. ;) Hehe.
I just decided to share her because she really did inspire me today (and every day counts, you can only live one day at a time!) to eat healthier and be a better person. 
Definitely check out her website and her books. I am sure you will not be disappointed. ;) 

These two books {above} are written by Kris Carr - the Crazy Sexy Diet is chockfull of information while Crazy Sexy Kitchen has all the recipes you will need to begin a {vegan} healthy life! 

 Everywhere I look now, I see Vitamix...I have become obsessed. Lol. 


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